Can You Put Pop-Tarts In The Toaster?

Pop tarts are a delicious pastry every one of us looks forward to enjoying and although it provides very little protein or fiber, they hold up pretty well. Pop-tarts have been around since 1964 and can be enjoyed as either snacks or breakfast.

Pop-tarts are typically eaten with fingers just like a sandwich. However, if you want to be fancy, you can eat with a fork and knife.

Pop tarts are already baked hence they are really safe if you choose not to reheat them. Lots of people prefer their pop-tarts heated, it has been discovered to create a flaky crust and gooey feeling that happens to elevate the taste.

Quick answer: Yes, you can put pop-tarts in the toaster. Pop tarts are completely safe to enjoy frozen but to get a more elevated taste, toast them on the lowest setting in the toaster and let them cool before eating. Although pop tarts are suitable for microwaves and can be eaten straight from the package built the best and most traditional method of enjoying a pop tart is to heat it up in the toaster.

Pop tarts are unlike bread, they do have fruit, chocolate or whatever sweet filling is in the taste, and they come fully baked which is why there isn’t much need to reheat them. Many people are still trying to figure out if they like their pop-tarts hot or warmed up.

If you enjoy a cold tasty treat then there is really no reason to reheat pop tarts but if you want a more elevated taste, read on to learn how to reheat it and if you can put it in a toaster.

Heating Pop-Tarts in The Toaster

The best way to reheat pop tarts is to put them in the toaster. The question of whether you should put pop-tarts in the toaster is quite a common one and the answer is yes, the toaster is actually the best appliance for warming up pop-tarts.

You can also heat up pop tarts in the microwave, but you have to be careful not to overheat the pop tart pastries hence why the toaster is much preferred.

These sweet snacks are pre-cooked which means you can eat them straight out of the pack and the purpose of putting them in the toaster is not to cook them but to warm them up.

Whether you choose to enjoy pop tarts cold or warm them up, it all comes down to your personal preference. However, we do have to admit that they taste better when heated in the toaster. There is no wrong and right way to enjoy pop tart.

If you are heating pop tarts in the toaster, you have to keep an eye on them for the first heating session, toast on the lowest heat setting, and also let it cool slightly before eating. Here is how to prepare pop tarts in the toaster.

  • Remove the pop tart from the pastry foil pouch
  • Next, place it on the toaster vertically on put on the lowest heat setting
  • Heat it on low until it’s warmed through
  • Remove the pop tart and let it cool for a few seconds before eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you put Pop-Tarts in the toaster?

You really do not have to put pop tarts in the toaster to enjoy it. The toaster can be used to warm pop tarts up and lots of people enjoy it this way, you just need to warm it on low setting for 1 minute. They do taste great when eaten cold but even better when they are warmed up in the toaster.

Are Pop-Tarts better toasted or microwaved?

Toasting is the best and most recommended way for heating up pop tarts, but they can be microwaved as well. The toaster is best for heating up pop tarts and keeping the filling warm without altering the taste while the microwave can cause the frosting/filling to become extremely hot.

Can you put frosted Pop-Tarts in the toaster?

Yes, you can definitely put frosted pop tarts in the toaster. Most varieties of pop tarts are frosted, and although pre-cooked, they are designed to be heated up in the microwave or toaster. Frozen pop tarts are delicious but if you are looking to enjoy it the traditional way, heat it up for a minute in the toaster.

What is the best way to eat Pop-Tarts?

You can enjoy pop tarts cold or warm based on your preference. The best and most common way to eat a pop tart is to heat it in the toaster but if you are so not into that, you can eat them straight out of the package. Other common ways include; Ice cream sandwiches, pop tart-infused yogurt parfait, and pop tart S’mores.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of flavors of pop tarts and all come in a metal foil package.

Pop tarts have always been marketed as a snack that needs to be heated up, but this is not exactly necessary, they are actually precooked, so you can enjoy them frozen as a dessert or heat it up for breakfast, it all comes down to your preference.

Preparing a pop tart is super easy and lots of people like to eat theirs at room temperature which is totally okay, but you can also choose to reheat it which is the best way to enhance the taste.