Why White Christmas Trees Turn Yellow (How to Fix It)

How do you restore a white Christmas tree? All white trees are prone to change colors eventually.

But some factors can speed up the process of a white Christmas tree turning yellow. You can prevent a white tree from turning yellow, as this often happens due to aging. However, there are ways this can be fixed.

All-white Christmas trees help you create a dreamy aesthetic Christmas and also add some personalized touch to your holiday decor. You can make this artificial Christmas tree work every year, but due to storage conditions, you might have to clean it up before you decorate.

When it comes to holiday decor, a white Christmas tree gives you plenty of options for decoration. But the new white color it needs is going to need extra care. Below are reasons why white Christmas trees turn yellow and straightforward ways that can be fixed.

How Do You Fix A Yellowing White Christmas Tree?

White plastic tends to turn yellow over time. How you take care of your Christmas tree before storing it away is essential, you should ensure to have it is cleaned and stored away correctly.

However, there are ways you can fix this yellowing white Christmas tree. Below are easy steps to clean your white Christmas tree and prevent it from turning yellow again.

Step 1: Sunlight

The first step to turning your tree back to white is leaving it in direct sunlight for hours. Sunlight has natural bleaching properties, and if the color change is subtle, you should have the white back in a couple of hours. Take note that you will need full sun of at least 6 hours for this.

Step 2: Check The Care Instructions

White trees turning yellow is a common problem with artificial trees hence you can check the care instruction on how you can fix this and prevent it. You can also contact the manufacturing store or customer service team to tell you what should be done.

Step 3: Paint The Tree

You can have the tree painted any color of your choice. All you have to do is find a white spray tan that can be used safely on plastic. Paint the affected tree area, and give it a light spray coating while giving it time to dry. Ensure to have a patch test done first, so you are sure you like it.

Step 4: Spray With Vinegar

This is a common way of fixing color changes in Christmas trees. Mix 3 parts white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Allow the vinegar to settle in for a while, and leave it in direct sunlight.

Then wipe it with a cloth, and your white Christmas tree should be good as new. This is a much-preferred way to change the color of your tree back to white without using bleach.

Why White Christmas Trees Turn Yellow
Image: @vinnikava via Twenty20

How to Clean a Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Pre-lit white Christmas trees are not just beautiful but quite convenient and energy-efficient as well. Due to the electrical connections of this tree, washing isn’t an option, but you can check the manufactures guide to know if this is safe and if the sunlight is unlikely to give you the sparkle you want.

Artificial trees are easy to clean, but they must stay dry, which means using the liquid solution is a no, as this could easily damage the light strings.

To clean your pre-lit white Christmas safely, use a soft-bristled brush. Gently brush dirt away from the tree, from the top down to the branches. A soft-bristled brush can help clean the tree inside out without causing any damage.

A vacuum with a brush attachment is another way to clean the artificial tree safely. A handheld vacuum is perfect if you do not wish to deal with a long tube or cord. A dry microfiber cloth can also be used to dust the tree inside out but be careful not to damage any wires.

Avoid vacuuming the trees into the hose, so you don’t pull out the greenery. Be careful not to let any parts of the branch get sucked into the hose, as this can easily damage your vacuum cleaner.

Why Did My White Christmas Tree Turn Yellow?

Most white or artificial Christmas trees are made of steel frames, and white is not the only color they come in. White Christmas trees are definitely not tacky, and the only thing often worried about is their color change. The common reason white Christmas trees turn yellow is aging. It tends to change colors as it gets older.

Another reason your white Christmas tree might be turning yellow is if the tree is kept in a place where it accumulates dust and it wasn’t appropriately cleaned the last time it was used. Dust accumulation and contact with moisture are likely to cause a color change.

The natural fading of white plastic is another crucial reason white Christmas trees turn yellow. Your Christmas tree could be changing due to a chemical reaction.

It is essential to have your Christmas tree carefully and appropriately stored to prevent dust from getting to it. Additionally, to protect your white Christmas tree from turning yellow, disassemble the tree and store it in a large tree storage bag.

The bag can be stored in a plastic container or a sturdy cardboard box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store a white Christmas tree, so it doesn’t go yellow?

White Christmas trees are vulnerable, and they can turn yellow, so store your white Christmas tree, so it is best to have them stored properly. Keep it in the storage bag that comes with it and ensure to follow the manufacturer’s storage instructions that come with it. Also, to ensure your tree lasts, get some white cloths to wrap it tightly.

Can I spray my Christmas tree white?

Yes, you can spray your Christmas tree white, especially when it turns yellow. White artificial Christmas trees are not as popular as they should be due to how they eventually turn yellow. However, this can be corrected with spray paint.

What does bleach do to a white Christmas tree?

While many products with bleach are claimed to be used in cleaning Christmas trees turning white, this depends on the type of branches and needles your tree has. However, bleach is very likely to turn artificial white Christmas tree yellow.

Can you revive a dying Christmas tree?

Yes, a dying Christmas tree can be revived. To keep your Christmas tree alive, proper care is essential. Watering a Christmas tree can help keep it alive, and some preservatives can be added to revive a dying one. However, all it needs is water, and if your tree is dense, then you should give it a trim.

In Conclusion

All Christmas trees need proper care and maintenance, especially artificial ones since they can be used repeatedly.

White Christmas trees help eliminate the need to water them and not forget having to keep up with the pine. The color change is all you have to worry about with a white Christmas tree. But with the simple tips above, you can keep your Christmas tree fresh for decoration.