How to Clean Artificial Christmas Tree (Complete Guide)

Can you clean an artificial Christmas tree? While some people never bother with cleaning their Christmas tree, and that’s okay, we must admit there is something festive and exciting about cleaning an artificial Christmas tree for a holiday.

The holiday means plenty of food, time with family, and a chance to decorate the Christmas tree together, and when it’s clean, it looks even more beautiful.

Whether you are putting up a Christmas tree for the first time or pulling out the old one from the attic, if it’s artificial, then it sure needs some cleaning. The artificial Christmas tree is the perfect kind of tree to get if you want something you can always reuse year after year, and it also prevents you from cleaning up needles.

Watering is another thing you won’t have to deal with when it comes to artificial trees.

Artificial Christmas trees will hold their shape as long as you need them to, and most importantly gives you a chance to start decorating early. Since you don’t have to worry about drying needles, and if you have decided that the actual tree is not for you then you need to learn how to keep the artificial one clean.

Dust is not the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to artificial Christmas trees, it can turn yellow as well. However, the good news is that there are ways you can keep it clean and ready for the Xmas decor.

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Reasons Why Artificial Christmas Trees Are Better

Opting for an artificial Christmas tree means you can start decorating early. While the excellent holiday tree might be debatable, there is no arguing about how cool artificial trees are.

When it comes to the Christmas holiday, a tree is one of the most significant traditions. Choosing a tree to decorate it might be a bit hectic for some, so if you are wondering why swap the actual tree for the artificial one, below are some notable reasons.

  • Artificial Christmas trees are inexpensive, and you can get one based on your budget.
  • You can have it packed up to reuse year after year.
  • Many people are allergic to real Christmas trees, but artificial one is safe for those with allergies and asthma.
  • Real trees have an increased fire risk when they dry out, but artificial ones are made from fire-retardant material.
  • Artificial trees are easy to assemble, dismantle and store.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are relatively light and easy to move around.
  • It is available in every conceivable size, and there are different colors to suit your taste.

White artificial Christmas tree turning yellow; what causes it?

White artificial Christmas doesn’t just turn yellow, this often happens after keeping them in the attic for a very long time and kept in a location with moisture.

The branches of an artificial white tree often turn yellow, and this is one of the reasons many stops going for the white artificial Christmas tree. However, white artificial Christmas trees can be stopped from turning yellow with proper care and cleaning.

Natural fading of the white plastic color can also be the reason your white tree is turning yellow. Artificial white Christmas white tree can also turn yellow due to the chemical reaction which often occurs after years of use; the color wears out and turn yellow.

How to Clean Artificial Christmas Tree

If you own an artificial Christmas tree and want to prepare it for holiday decoration, it’s time to learn how to clean it crusty again. Cleaning artificial Christmas trees is a matter of preference cleaning is often recommended if you want to maintain their color.

You can put your artificial tree in a waterproof container or bag to protect it from dirt and moisture. However, if you have just gotten your Christmas tree out and need it to smell fresh, below are ways to clean it.

How to Clean Artificial Christmas Tree

1. Use A Vacuum

The Easy and simple way to clean an artificial Christmas tree is to use a vacuum. You can also use a feather duster or damp rag, but vacuums are more efficient.

Vacuuming is the first step you must take before doing any other form of cleaning. Top any accidental removal of needles, and use a vacuum with a soft attachment and low setting.

Carefully brush the exposed branches, and it’s best to clean them section by section rather than dust them all at once. Using the handheld vacuum cleaner will also make the job easier, and it has less suction than the regular vacuum cleaner.

2. Soap And Water

This might sound a bit impossible, but giving it a soft scrub with soap and water will get it clean in no time. To keep your artificial Christmas tree fresh and clean, this might be the ideal cleaning option to go for.

Mix warm water and soap (preferably dish soap) in a spray bottle and gently wet the branch with it but ensure not to overdo it. Clean the dirt water with a microfiber cloth from each section of the branch, this method will leave your tree with a lovely scent and eliminate the musty smell.

3. White Vinegar

Mix 3 parts white vinegar with 1 part water in a large spray bottle if you are skeptical about using soap and water. White vinegar is quite effective in getting rid of dirt accumulation on artificial Christmas trees, and it’s the best method for getting rid of white Christmas tree discoloration.

Spray discoursed area with the vinegar solution and leave in direct sunlight for at least 12 hours.

4. Use A Tumble Dryer Sheet

The tumble dryer sheet is another way you can keep your artificial Christmas tree dust-free and still maintain its fresh fragrance.

This will attract the dust in your trees more effectively than a microfiber cloth, and it will remove the dusty smell from your tree while leaving a sweet fragrance behind. Make sure to choose a tumble dryer sheet with a fragrance or something you like that isn’t overpowering.

How to keep a white Christmas tree from turning yellow

One significant way to keep your white Christmas tree from turning yellow is to ensure it is adequately packed and protected from dust and moisture.

When you pack your Christmas tree away for the year, you must make sure it starts fresh and smells nice, just like a Christmas tree. Your white Christmas tree needs to stay white to make your ornaments look dashing on them so here are simple ways to keep it from turning yellow.

  • Give your tree weekly dust with a tumble dryer sheet or Swiffer dust, and let the tree dry before decorating.
  • Check the care instructions on how you can keep it clean and get rid of any discoloration. You can contact the manufacturer or customer care service for what to do.
  • Store your tree in a cool, dry place.
  • Disassemble the tree and store it in a large tree storage bag or plastic container.
How to Clean Artificial Christmas Tree
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How to clean a pre-lit white Christmas tree

Cleaning stubborn stains on a pre-lit Christmas tree can be a bit tacky, but not impossible. If full sunlight doesn’t help get all the stains out, then the best way to clean a pre-lit Christmas tree is to use a boar bristle brush.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are beautiful, but they must stay dry since any liquid or condensation contact can short-circuit the light.

With a soft-bristled brush, you can clean pre-lit Christmas trees without any hassle. Start from the top of the tree and brush away dirt and dust, gently working your way to the branches. A handheld vacuum can also be used to get rid of dirt.

However, it would be best if you were careful not to damage any light bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do flock trees turn yellow?

Flocked Christmas trees will likely turn yellow due to moisture and lack of maintenance. Flock Christmas trees tend to turn yellow over time due to chemical reactions and use, however, you can slow this down by storing it in a cool, dry place with low humidity. A flocked tree is believed to have a lifespan of 2 to 4 weeks before it turns yellow. Hence there is no guarantee that no flock tree will turn yellow.

How do I freshen my artificial Christmas tree?

After pulling your artificial Christmas tree out of storage and getting it clean, what you need next is a synthetic tree fragrance. Without the added cleaning and maintenance of an artificial Christmas tree, your tree will still stay fresh with an artificial tree fragrance. Dusting it weekly also helps keep it fresh, and if you love the scent of a real tree, you can get a tree fragrance in your home.

How do you fix a yellowing white Christmas tree?

The first step to fixing a white Christmas tree that turned yellow is to leave it outside in direct sunlight for a few hours. Sunlight has some bleaching effects on white Christmas trees, so it may help cure your Christmas tree in no time. If drying it in the sun has no effect then try spraying white vinegar on the affected area. You can do this in sunlight, then wipe the area with a cloth.

Wrapping Up

Another effective method that can help fix the yellowing of the white Christmas tree is finding white spray paint meant for a white Christmas tree and spraying the affected area with several light coats. Allow this to dry but be sure to test this on your tree first.

Cleaning an artificial Christmas tree with no fuss does mean knowing how to store it properly.

If your tree has already been lit, then keep the damp cloth away and make sure the plug isn’t switched on when you clean it. Cleaning artificial Christmas trees will take a few hours to achieve maximum cleaning.

However, it will be an effort worth it and a lot easier with this guide.