Do You Drink Or Eat Soup? (Definitive Answer)

The question as to whether soup is eaten or drank keeps causing an internal debate among many of us. Soup feels like the one food that hasn’t been agreed upon to be a drink or a solid and chewable delicacy like others. We know the question on the tips of your lips is- “do we drink or eat soup?”

We eat soup, there are several standpoints that argue that we drink soup because it has a liquid consistency but the correct verb to use when referring to how you consumed a bowl of soup is “eat” and not drink especially while using a spoon. 

Soup is a lovely delicacy that comes in several types and can be made using various recipes, it is easy to digest and it is known to complement several other dishes. Ideally, this makes it a favorite amongst several people, but for some reason, it remains a wonder as to whether soup is drunk or eaten but we’ll clear that up for you in no time.

Do You Drink Or Eat Soup?

When the debate concerning whether we eat or drink soup rises, ordinarily I would leave the room, but providing a definitive and informed answer for others sparked up the possibility of tackling a simple yet tough topic so let’s get right into it.

The reasons mentioned below explain whether soup is drunk or eaten; 

1. Soup originates from the French word for bread slices 

The word soup is known to originate from the French word “soupe” which was first used to refer to a slice of bread that is dipped in broth and eaten.

So since the slice of bread known as the soup was said to be eaten and the broth was said to drink in the context from the word originated, it is right to say that soup is eaten. 

Homemade potato soup
Image: Envato Elements

2. Soup is usually consumed using a spoon

 Asides from the origination of the word soup, any food that is consumed using a spoon are referred to as food that is eaten instead of drank even if the said food has a liquid consistency.

An example is a bowl of cereal, you eat cereal despite its liquid consistency because you take it with a spoon, you also eat ice cream out of a bowl as long as you’re using a spoon, so it makes perfect sense to say that soup is being eaten because it is taken with a spoon. 

3. Soup is made with solid food items that require chewing 

It is also important to note that while soups have a generally liquid consistency it is not made without solid food items like broth. Different soups may have chicken, vegetables, yam, potatoes, beef, seafood, or any other food items that the maker chooses to include.

All of such soups require chewing during consumption, so this counts as saying that the soup is being eaten and not drunk. 

Homemade chicken soup
Image: Envato Elements

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you eat or drink tomato soup? 

You eat tomato soup, tomato soup is usually made to have a very thick consistency despite being liquid. This means that you have to chew some tomato slices, swallow them carefully if you’re drinking, or eat them with a spoon from a bowl.

Do you say eat or drink a soup? 

If we’re focusing on which is right then you should say can ask someone to eat their soup, but if we’re putting different situations such as taking your soup from a cup into perspective then you say “I am drinking some soup”. 

Grammatically with regards to how you should handle referring to the consumption of soup in a sentence, it can be looked at from two standpoints and whether or not you’re speaking formally or informally, while speaking formally you should use “eat” because it’s right but while speaking informally feel free to use eat or drink.

This is known to cause problems where a person might mean broth instead of soup, and broth can be referred to as something you drink.


We understand your confusion when it comes to the decision on whether soup is eaten or drunk, and we’ve provided a definitive answer with reasons that prove that soup is eaten and not drunk as some people would like to believe. 

You may have a defensive point where you raise the fact that soup can be consumed without a spoon and you might not need to do any hard swallowing or chewing during the process, and you wouldn’t need a spoon either. 

In that case, you have a misconception up your sleeves. Any food you’re referring to as soup that has all of those characteristics is indeed broth, and broth is drank instead of eaten so that is the only situation where that claim would stand.

As long as you’re using a spoon, there are food items that require chewing, or there is heavy swallowing because of chunks of food even when you try to consume it without a spoon, then you’re eating soup and not drinking it.

At the end of the day, eat or drink can be used interchangeably while talking about how it is consumed, as long as that appeals to you better or in your culture that is more suitable. But the right verb to use is “eat”.