How Long Does Homemade Soup Last In The Fridge?

From the pleasant aroma to the warmth and satisfaction you feel when you enjoy some homemade soup, why would anyone not want to store them for a while so they’re easy to get access to when you’re a little ill or the weather has gotten frosty? No reason is fathomable. But what one would worry about is – does homemade soup lasts long in the fridge. 

Homemade soup can last a while in the fridge but it depends on what type of soup and the contents of the soup. Homemade soup lasts an average of three days when stored in the fridge but soups with fresh tomatoes can last as long as a week. 

When you reheat your soups from the fridge after three days, it is important to be sure of the taste and consistency of the soup. This way you can avoid consuming soups that may lead to food poisoning after a while.

How to Store Homemade Soup In The Fridge

If you made too much homemade soup for a meal and you’re wondering how to store them so they do not go bad or you intentionally made extra homemade soup and you need a guide on how to store them properly, you’re in the right place.

1. Cool the amount of soup you plan to refrigerate 

It is best to cool your soup fast, instead of waiting for it to get cooled by leaving it on a counter you should place it in a bowl of ice water and allow it cool completely. While it is cooling, do not cover it as that would slow the cooling process.

Homemade potato soup
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2. Pour your soup into an airtight container 

Next, pour your soup into an airtight container, these are the best types of containers for storing fresh food because they keep it fresh and protected from contamination by bacteria. This also keeps other liquids or items in the fridge from spilling into the soup in the case of an accident. You can also reheat your soup in the airtight container once you take it out of the fridge instead of having to transfer it to another bowl.

3. Place the airtight container in the fridge 

After pouring your soup into an air-tight container, securely place it in your fridge. Make sure that you have access to a stable power supply and that your fridge is in good condition as this will ensure that your soup stays fresh for up to four days.

Your fridge might freeze the soup a little depending on how long it stays in the fridge before you consume it, but that’s nothing your microwave can’t deal with.

How Long Does Homemade Soup Last In The Fridge?

It is common to store your soup in the fridge, especially when you made more than you can finish during a meal. You might also want to store your soup in the fridge when you live in a home where there are a lot of mouths to feed.

The normal routine in such a home would be to make enough soup to last a couple of days rather than having to make soup every day.

The fridge is the ideal place to store your soups if you plan on eating them within the week, this makes it easier for them to be reheated since they are less like to get frozen before you need to use them for the next meal. 

Homemade chicken soup
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The average shelf life of homemade soups when they are stored in a fridge is three days, some may last more than three days especially if they are made with fresh tomatoes. This is because of the high acidity in tomatoes which contain high levels of glutamic acid that makes soups more savory. So if you would like your soups to last as long as a week in the fridge, you should add fresh tomatoes to the mix when cooking.

Despite the predicted shelf life of homemade soup, the best way to know that it has not gone bad is to do a quick taste test before or after you reheat it so that you’re certain if it’s safe to serve for meals or not. 

If you would like to store your soups in large quantities for weeks or months, then you should store them in a freezer that is connected to a stable power source and is working properly. Storing large amounts of soup in a fridge is advised against because if you do not use it up within 3 – 5 days, you could end up with stale soup.

How Long Do Different Homemade Soups Last in The Fridge? 

We have given you the average shelf life of soups from a general standpoint, but if you’re worried about how different types of homemade soups are likely to last when stored in a fridge, then we’ve provided you with a detailed table that answers all your questions below; 

Types of homemade soupHow long they lastWhere/ how to store them
Vegetable soup3 daysAirtight container in the fridge 
Chicken soup3-5 daysAirtight bowl in the fridge 
Creamy soups3 days Airtight bowl in the fridge 
Seafood soup2-3 days Airtight bowl in the fridge 
Soups with a lot of tomatoes3-7 days ( high acidity) Airtight bowls in the fridge


The knowledge that you have a homemade soup that you can reach for and have a relaxing day during the winter or while you’re under the weather is simply reassuring and makes your heart squeeze into little bits. 

We all love a good homemade soup but what we love more is a homemade soup that we do not have to make from scratch on a lazy day, one that we can just whip out of the fridge and reheat to enjoy. 

Your homemade soups can last an average shelf life spanning three days, others may last as long as five days. But when your soup has a rich fresh tomato content it can last as long as a week with stable electricity.