Does Thyme Grow Back Every Year?

The list of best herbs to have in your culinary garden will not be complete without adding thyme to it.

This herb was first discovered by the Ancient Egyptians, and it is indigenous to the Meditteranean region as well. Thyme trouble-free plant and it’s a low grower perennial as well, however many plant parents and gardeners can’t help but wonder if it will grow back every year? Thyme is a hardy perennial but will it survive winter.

Thyme has been acknowledged as the most used herb for years now. It’s not only beneficial in the kitchen but happens to be a great companion to many crops as well. The flowers, leaves, and oil from thyme can be used as medicine or simply use to flavor food. Thyme is also good for respiratory health.

Yes, thyme does grow back every year like just like most perennial herbs. This is a woody perennial plant that can last 5 to 6 years although the leave production will lessen when it gets to the third year. Thyme will survive winter and grow back in spring without any effort from you. Both the upright and trailing varieties will grow well in any area and garden.

There is always a variety of thyme to fit into the design and situation of your garden. Thyme is not only great outdoor, they can be planted outdoor and how to take care of them is not science or complex. If you are planting this perennial then for the first time then stick with us to find out how long exactly you will have your thyme and how to ensure it keeps growing back every year.

Is Thyme Annual or Perennial?

This might be a bit confusing if you are growing thyme or any herb for the first time, but as stated in the introduction, thyme is a perennial plant, and it can live up to 6 years with little to no care from you.

An annual plant will only live a year before it dies and have to be replanted while a perennial plant will keep regrowing itself year after year for at least 2 or 3 years.

Each variety of thyme comes with its specification and requirement, but they are all perennial. Thyme can stay longer than 6 years although its leave produce might reduce, it will keep growing back. This perennial herb is a low-growing woody plant, and it is available in trailing and upright varieties.

Does Thyme Grow Back Every Year?

Does Thyme Grow Back Every Year?
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Thyme does grow back every year, and you don’t have to worry about it going dormant in winter. There is always a variety of thyme for you to plant no matter the situation of your garden and every variety can survive winter. You can plant garden thyme in a container or on the ground, it might not produce new leave until spring, but it won’t go dormant like some herbs will.

You won’t have to prepare thyme for winter as you will do with other plants, it is hard to kill and will survive winter without getting any disease. We however recommend that you have your thyme replaced after 2-3 years and this is because it can become prone to root rot or produce less potent leaves.

While thyme might be difficult to kill and will grow back year after year, you should also know it can struggle to maintain foliage in winter hence don’t hesitate to take it indoors if you live in a zone where it can get extremely cold in winter, cover it up with gravel, sand or a lot of mulch.

Will Creeping Thyme Survive Winter?

Creeping thyme is the most common variety of thyme, and it has been discovered that winter is not the most ideal condition for it. Some varieties of thyme can go dormant in winter and creeping them is one of them.

You have to keep the roots as dry as possible to avoid any fungus growth in winter which is why mulching it when it gets really cold is vital.

The hardy thyme varieties do not need any preparation for winter creeping thyme flourish in temperatures between 60-75 degrees so, in cold harsh winter conditions, it can lose most of its leaves and some of its plant stems might die and not completely retain all their foliage in spring either, but it is still likely to survive winter just like any thyme variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can thyme grow in shade?

Yes, most thyme varieties will tolerate being grown in shades. Thyme is a sun-loving Meditterean herb, but it will thrive in part shade as well, and you should let the soil dry out between watering.

How do you bring a thyme plant back to life?

Thyme is one of the hardest herbs to kill but if this should happen, you can revive it by caring for it. To bring a thyme plant back to life, have it located in a place with full sun and water when the soil has dried out.

Does thyme go dormant?

Thyme going dormant is a rare occurrence, but it can happen if it is exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions for too long. In areas with high cold weather, thyme can go dormant and bring out new growth in spring.

Can you cut thyme back hard?

Yes, you can cut thyme back hard if it has been neglected for too long. Thyme plant left on its own for too long needs to be pruned hard to remove all the woody growth and encourage new leave growth.

How do you overwinter thyme?

You have to winterize thyme to keep it from dying during winter. Mulch is one of the ways you can keep thyme safe and add cover from extreme cold weather. You can also bring thyme in or place it in a sheltered position to overwinter it successfully, and it can also reduce the amount of rainfall hitting the pot.

Wrapping Up

All thyme varieties are perennial, so they will surely grow back every year but this is no reason to neglect your plant during winter.

Most perennial herbs have a high tolerance for cold drought and frost, but it is recommended to cover them especially if the cold temperature is extremely high.

Thyme’s growth is sure to reduce after three years but before then your perennial herb is going to keep growing every year.

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