How To Fix KitchenAid Mixer Stucked Pin Issue

The KitchenAid mixer is one of the best mixers you can find today, apart from being trendy, the mixer comes with attachments that help you to explore the mixer and use it for a wide range of things. Although the KitchenAid mixer is an amazing one, like many other appliances, it can develop some faults that may hinder you from enjoying it.

One of the many parts of the mixer that may develop fault is the pin. We have discovered that a lot of people complain about their KitchenAid mixer getting stuck and they most times do not know what to do about it.

Before deciding on how to fix the mixer, you must identify the cause of the problem, as the stuck pin could be a result of several things. Don’t worry; we have provided all you need to know about this in this article.

Fix Kitchenaid Mixer Stucked Pin

How To Fix Kitchenaid Mixer Stuck Pin
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Here is how to fix the KitchenAid mixer pin stuck issues.

1. The Beater Slot

If you find your pin stuck and impossible to get out, then we suggest that you check the beater, this is because the beater is specially made to be used with the slots alone.

The best thing to do when this has been identified as the problem is to slide the slot onto the pin, once you’ve slipped it into the slot, move it around about 1/4 of a degree to fix the trapped pin problem.

Once this is done, the pin should be out in no time. Often time, this is the cause of the stuck pin for some mixers; however, if you find that the pin isn’t out, you can try other options for getting it out. 

2. Apply Grease

Another reason your mixer pin is stuck could be that it needs some greasing. What the grease does to the gear and pin is that it softens it up, and allows the pin’s easy movement. It is recommended that you make use of food-grade grease for the softening of the pin, this is so it doesn’t affect your food and in turn, you. 

You can purchase food-grade grease in physical stores, as well as online stores. An application of the grease on the mixer pin and gear will get it out and running in no time.

3. Nylon Gear

Your mixer pin not coming out could be a sign that the gear needs to be changed. The regular KitchenAid mixer gear comes in metal, and this makes it very susceptible to problems from time to time and in the long run, it will rust.

However, there are nylon gears, available that can be used, in place of these metal gears. With the nylon gear, you need not worry about your gear rusting and this being the cause of your stuck pin. It also saves you the cost of changing or oiling the metal gear from time to time.

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4. Keep In The Freezer

Surprisingly, your mixer and freezer have a relationship! Another option for removing a stuck pin from a mixer is to place the entire mixer in the freezer. Allow the mixer to freeze for a few hours, then remove it from the freezer and strike the pin with the pin punch; the pin will begin to move and eventually come out after a few hits.

You must punch the pin hard. Because metallic components tend to compress when placed in the freezer, we can be confident that this will work.

5. Use A Heat Gun

Similar to the freezer, you can get your stuck pin out with the use of a heat gun. All you need to do is to place your KitchenAid mixer on the floor, then heat the pin area for about 15 to 20 minutes, while doing this; it is advised that you use the warm setting.

After a while of heating the pin, it will come out. You must not heat the pin for too long and with too much heat, or this can damage the entire mixer and you do not want that.   

Final Thoughts 

The KitchenAid mixer is the dream mixer of many kitchen lovers; however, it is understandable that kitchen appliances can develop faults from time to time.

With all of the methods above, your stuck pin should be out in no time. However, if your pin doesn’t come out after these, you should contact a KitchenAid technician who will help you fix the machine without damaging any part.

It is also advisable that if you do not know how to use some types of equipment above, you contact a technician so you do not cause damage to your mixer.

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