How to Fix Pocket Door Scratching Issues

While pocket doors are cute, there are definitely drawbacks to them as well. There are several problems that a pocket door can have and although getting out of alignment is the common one, scratches can be an issue as well.

Pocket doors are space savers in the bathroom, and although they do not provide acoustic privacy and won’t seal as tightly as traditional doors, they can add some architectural charm to a room and allows easy movement from room to room.

Pocket doors are simply sliding door that disappears into a compartment in the adjacent door when it is fully open. One of the pros of pocket doors is that they can add spaces otherwise wasted by swinging doors.

Pocket doors were very popular in 1800, and they have recently been increasing in popularity. If a pocket door is not installed properly, it can damage your walls, so precautions have to be taken against scratching.

Repairing pocket doors are considered tedious, and the procedure has to be done right, or it can make things worst.

Scratches tend to occur on pocket doors when they start to wear out, but the good news is that this can be fixed. However, they are really convenient to use, but if your pocket doors scratching or keep getting stuck, this article contains ways they can be fixed.

What Causes Pocket Door To Scratch?

Before we go into how to fix pocket door scratching, it is essential to learn about the causes as this will help ensure the right preventive measures are in place. If the door is not leveled, it can start to get stuck thereby causing the scratching, this can also mean the door is not properly aligned.

Scratching issues with pocket doors are often caused by timber or hardware inside the cavity where the pocket door is slid into. Finding scratches on the inside and outside your pocket door can also mean that it is worn out.

In several cases, it can be a worn-out roller wheel, and note that pocket doors are prone to sagging and scratching.

One of the ways you can avoid having issues with your pocket door is to ensure you are buying one of high quality and avoid cheap pocket door hardware. To repair pocket door scratching issues, first, detect the reason for it and take precautions after fixing it.

How to Fix Pocket Door Scratching Issues

Pocket door scratching
Image: WikimediaCommons

Pocket doors really do come in handy when you are looking to save floor space but you can easily end up with scratching issues if it is misaligned, there is a cavity problem, or it is simply out of the plumb wall.

A pocket door can easily go from pleasing to frustrating when they start to scratch. Luckily, you can easily fix this.

1. Reattach The Baseboards

One of the easiest solutions to fishing scratching pocket doors is to remove the pocket door completely and check if the baseboard has been properly installed or not.

If your pocket door is scratching your baseboard then you have to reattach it, this is an excellent solution and is often considered the base of many pocket door scratching issues.

This might not be the case with modern pocket doors since they are constructed with superior hardware to prevent them from scratching the baseboard. However, remove the pocket door completely and see if the baseboard is installed properly or not, you can take out the nails and use glue to reinstall.

2. Adjust The Tracking

The tracks can simply be out of adjustment. Adjusting the track is one of the easiest methods of fixing scratching issues with pocket doors, but it can be difficult if you are dealing with a framed pocket door.

If the issue with your pocket door is a misaligned track, you should first remove the sliding door and also any trim from the sides and panel. Next, drill a hole in the wall to access the track then you can reinstall the pocket door. note that this is a bit tricky since the track is hidden behind the pocket door.

3. Review The Wall

If your door is getting stuck along with constantly getting scratching, check if it is not an issue associated with the plumb wall, it might not be properly aligned. Hold the spirit up to the wall, the lateral bulb can help show if the wall is straight or not and if it is not, you can adjust it by loosening the screw that holds the track to the wall.

4. Install A Door Sweep

Another highly recommended way you can fix scratching on pocket doors is to simply install doors weep, it will help prevent any object from slipping out and causing damage to the door. A door sweep is a device that attaches to the bottom of the door sealing off any gaps.

5. Oil The Door Hinges

Most pocket doors just need to be lubricated to stop scratching. Hence, try to oil the door hinges and check if the door needs to be lubricated as well. Putting oil on the door hinges can also protect the floor from the door so apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or silicone-based lubricant to the track, door, and hinges, this should get the pocket door moving smoothly.

6. Use A Wood Filler

Lastly, if your pocket door itself has been scratched deeply, you can try using a wood filler, the area should be cleaned first, smooth it out with a putty knife, and let it dry before. Sanding it can help offer a temporary solution. If the scratching is really deep, consider replacing the damaged panel of the pocket door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tighten the track on a pocket door?

You can tighten the track on the pocket door by simply using a cordless drill or screwdriver.

Are pocket doors hard to repair?

Pocket doors are not hard to repair but access to them can be a little difficult as the tracks and hardware in the pocket door frame are largely hidden in the wall. Pocket doors work flawlessly most of the time and some of their issues can be fixed without having to remove drywall or trim.

Can you fix a pocket door scratching without removing the frame?

The first step to fixing scratching issues on pocket doors will be to remove the frame. So, no you can’t fix a pocket door scratching without removing the frame. You have to remove the screws that hold the frame together to enable you to fix the scratching.

Final Thoughts

Scratching is a common issue with old pocket doors, and they can start to get rotten and warped as well.

Pocket doors have also been discovered to be more difficult to repair than standard doors, but there are also better materials that the frame won’t scratch or warp.

Pocket doors are tricky to fix and if proper care is not taken, you can scratch them further, so it is recommended that you have your pocket door inspected by a qualified professional for accurate assessment and make the right recommendations for the repairs needed.