10 Front Door Color Ideas For Blue Houses

Your front door is the main entrance into your home and can not possibly go unnoticed, this means that it should have a striking effect that makes it unforgettable and welcoming.

There are several features that make a house truly appealing and make it “feel like home”, and one amongst such features is the door that lets you into the house. A great way to determine the perfect front door color for your house is by picking out a color of a door that complements the color of the house, and our focus is door colors for blue houses. 

To this end, we’ve decided to bring you the best possible colors that would pair perfectly with your blue house and make your door and house make your home beautiful and memorable for you, your family, and your guests. 

Amazing Front Door Color Ideas For Blue Houses

Playing with colors can either be exciting or chaotic, but not everyone wants to experiment before they get it right when it comes to decorating their home. A front door will be seen by so many people, whether they come in or not so it must be gotten right.

Without further ado, here are some perfect door color ideas that would complement blue houses best; 

1. A subtle black front door

A subtle black front door
Source: Instagram @digs_and_dwellings

We’re all familiar with how well black blends in with every color, there’s no exception when it comes to doors and houses as well. A black door is an ideal way to make a bold statement with your house by merely using it as a door color. Black blends in, it does not overpower whichever shade of blue you use to paint your house and it still manages to make your home look elegant and exquisite. 

2. A bright yellow front door with a white frame

A bright yellow front door with a white frame
Source: Instagram @digs_and_dwellings

If you love sunny days, bright colors, and happy shades then you’ll totally fall in love with a bright yellow door framing your blue house.

Blue and yellow are soul mates when it comes to complementing each other. With a bright yellow door, your blue house is likened to blue skies and the door is your sun on a beautiful summer noon. This combination is definitely a winner for us.

3. A simple white front door

 A simple white front door
Source: Instagram @cottagesandbungalows

If you’re going for a classy yet soft look for your home, say no more. Get a pure white door with intricately designed columns running along with it, this gives it a sophisticated vibe aside from looking classy when placed in between the blue walls of your house. White doors also portray simplicity and blend with every other color just as well as black would. There’s no way you could go wrong with a white door and a blue house, no way!

4. A dark gray front door 

A dark gray front door
Source: Pinterest

Have you seen how well gray carry any color it’s paired with? The beauty of a neutral color such as gray lies in the fact that it complements a color while making sure the other color shines even brighter despite its presence. If you’re not looking to tone down the shade of your blue house nor make it too overwhelming, then a gray door will do the magic every day. Gray adds warmth and a satisfying complexity to your home. 

5. A classic wooden brown front door

A classic wooden brown front door
Source: Instagram @artyomshmatko

Yes, brown doors go with blue houses and bring a comforting aura to the entire house especially when the brown doors you choose are wooden. Wooden doors have a wide range of functions that make them an asset to your home, but the most important function lies in the fact that they serve as effective natural insulators. Brown doors with a white frame on a blue house are always a lovely sight to behold. 

6. A light blue front door with a white frame

A light blue front door with a white frame
Source: Pinterest

A blue door on a blue house? Well, yes! You can absolutely make that work if you like blue so much that you’re considering a blue door after painting your home blue then this is your ultimate sign to go for it. This is a simple yet effective way to highlight your home by using two shades of blue, one for the walls and the other for the door. 

7. A deep red white frame front door 

A deep red white frame front door 
Source: Instagram @charmingaustintexas

This could be considered out of the ordinary, but it’s a challenge worth attempting as the results are truly amazing. Using a red door when your house is painted blue is uncommon but it is unique and sophisticated nevertheless. If you’re using a cool shade of blue, a red door is sure to make your house really pop, that’s the wild edge red adds to your home. 

8. A white glass panel front door

A white glass panel front door
Source: Instagram @mattenge

If you love it when natural light filters into your home, then you should consider getting a wooden glass panel door to go with your blue house.

Glass panels are clear, and being paired with wood makes it look aesthetically pleasing and gives off the entire natural vibe that you must be looking to pull off with it. There’s an undeniable comforting edge that wooden doors give as well as a homely feeling, embrace that with this door.

9. A light purple glass panel front door

A light purple glass panel front door
Source: Pinterest

Placing purple and blue side by side may seem like you’re going for a color block-inspired exterior home decor, but purple and blue actually complement each other just fine.

Two different tones of purple and blue that are in sync will make your house really stand out. Blue and red make purple, so the trick is to use a shade of purple that has more blue than red and you’ll have a beautiful match.

10. An orange white frame front door

An orange white frame front door
Source: Pinterest

You ought to be naturally drawn to this combination because ordinarily no one hears blue and guesses that orange would be a great choice to pair it with. Yet somehow, an orange door looks perfect as the main door for a house painted blue. This combination might not be regular but it is an outstanding choice either way.


Blue signifies serenity, stability, health, wisdom, or inspiration. All of these make it a desirable and heartwarming color even as one picked out to paint your house. 

We have provided you with the best colors that would effortlessly complement your blue house, all you need to do is pick which best resonates with what you would love to portray. 

Exterior design is always tricky in its own way, and the main door will always draw attention to itself because it is one of the first things a person notices right before they step into your home, that’s why it’s important that it makes a lasting impression.