7 Hacks to Get Rid Of Circling Flies on Patio

Flies will always look for dirty places to hang around but this might not be why they are circling a patio. Circling flies can be quite annoying and they can cut your time under the patio short. While they can be easily controlled if you are using a screen door, the same can’t be said if your patio is outdoor.

These pesky flies are always going to disrupt your time under the patio and circling flies specifically have been found to be quite annoying. Catching flies outdoors can be quite a bit of a problem.

If you are planning to have an outdoor party anytime soon then you need to figure out ways to rid your patio of circling flies. Hover or circling are large common flies and they can become a nuisance indoors or outdoors.

Circling flies on the patio do look similar to blowflies but they are not filth flies which means they might not be caused by dirt.

Circling flies can be called cluster flies or attic flies although fliers can stay in the air for too long, these seem to have more stamina for that. You can always find them near flowers so if you do have some planted near your patio then circling flies are unavoidable.

Flies are always attracted to places where they can lay their eggs and that means if your patio furniture is made with wood or there are any gaping holes. Hence, this article contains hacks to help you get rid of circling flies on your patio.

How to Get Rid Of Circling Flies on Patio

Using typical pesticides or another chemical formula to get rid of circling flies can be harmful to the environment, your patio furniture, and the general environment especially if there are kids around. To enjoy your time on your patio, you have to limit the access of hoverflies on them.

So, below are a list of hacks you can apply while also making sure you keep dirt and garbage away as well.

1. Burning Citronella Candle

To get rid of circling flies, natural insect repellant candles have been introduced and they are very effective.

Burning citronella candle (pest repellant candle) has been discovered to be effective in getting rid of circling flies however note that this only works in small areas. You might have to burn a lot of this candle as well to consistently keep them far away but not to worry, they hate the smell of citronella and will stay away.

Citronella is a high aromatic oil that has been distilled from varieties of lemongrass. You have to burn one that will last the entire evening so circling flies can stay away. The candle can be quite refreshing for you while you relax outdoor as well. There are also lots of scented candles that can keep circling flies away.

2. Use Venus Fly Trap

Another easy hack you can try to keep circling flies away is the Venus fly trap. Venus traps are carnivorous plants so having them nearby can trap and eat not only hover flies but any annoying insects as well. It’s a simple hack that can help limit how much those pesky circling flies come around.

Simply plant them around or in pots and place them somewhere on your patio, when a fly lands, it triggers the Venus trap and the plant closes around it, it secretes digestive fluid that dissolves the fly.

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3. Use A Fan

The buzzing around of flies can be very irritating and it has been discovered that when the weather condition is windy or breezy. This means you get a hanging fan or a standing one that rotates to get rid of them, effortlessly.

The method of using a fan is perfect if your patio is a large one, the strong breeze can help keep the circling flies at bay. The fan can be installed using extension cords.

4. Fly Strips

Fly strips can come in handy no matter the type of fly you are dealing with. Fly traps are long thin strips with adhesive on all sides and you can have them put up high to get those circling flies and also keep them out. You can always find commercially made fly traps at most stores so they are the ideal option for your patio.

Tips to Prevent Circling Flies On Patio
Source: Interior Design Ideas

5. Vinegar And Dish Soap

Vinegar and dish soap is another perfect hack that can help keep circling flies away from your patio. If you are not so keep on fly strips since you have to hang them for all to see then you should consider making vinegar and dish soap fly trap instead.

  • Fill a bowl with half an inch of apple cider vinegar
  • Add three drops of dish soap with a tablespoon of sugar to it and leave it on your patio uncovered
  • The dish soap should cover the surface of the vinegar
  • The smell of vinegar and sugar will attract the flies while the dish soap traps and drown them.

6. Use Vodka

Surprisingly, vodka is found to be effective against hovering flies. This method seems very natural and easy enough for anyone. Flies hate the smell of liquor so all you have to do is fill a couple of small sandwich bags with inexpensive vodka and zip the bag while leaving a small part open.

Have the bags hung around your patio space using twine or string and you can hang them around your backyard as well. The smell can be potent for flies so it will help keep them away.

7. Plant Fly Repelling Herbs

If you are going to be decorating your patio with potted plants then you might as well have some fly repelling herbs tucked in there too. Herbs that have a strong fly repelling smell include basil, mint, lavender, and bay laurel. Lemongrass, rue, wormwood, or citronella are also great plants for repelling circling flies.

Tips to Prevent Circling Flies On Patio

Circling flies can create a disgusting and unsightly scene on your patio especially if you plan to have a party on it.

However, you do not have to let it ruin your outdoor gathering. While we have hacks that can help get rid of them, prevention is another way to make sure they don’t come around again.

Below are some tips to help prevent circling flies.

  • Keep your patio clean, flies love garbage pails, pets droppings, and uncovered compost bins so get rid of them
  • Remove bird baths, buckets, or any standing water from your patio
  • Vacuum your patio regularly, at least once a week
  • Seal up any cracks or openings in and around your patio. This should prevent flies and insects
  • Keep your patio plants healthy, pest and disease-free
  • Some foods that attract insects and flies, avoid using them. Rather use fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, bread, and canned foods.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your patio clean at all times should be the first strategy for getting rid of hovering flies.

These ugly buggers are not that difficult to keep at bay but to ensure they don’t keep coming back, you have to get rid of anything they are attracted to.

Luckily any of the tricks in this article should help keep your patio free from those pesky flies.