How Much Light Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Need?

The fiddle leaf fig requires bright, indirect light to grow, if placed in direct sunlight; the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig will burn. Also, not providing adequate light for it will cause slow growth.

There is a lot to know, as regards growing the fiddle leaf fig. we understand that the fiddle leaf fig is one of the trendiest plants right now and if you consider the beauty and elegance of the plant, there is no way you wouldn’t purchase the fiddle leaf fig.

However, while having a fiddle leaf fig can be good, for your space, many things need to be gotten right in the care of our beloved fiddle leaf fig to keep it alive and well, one of these is lighting. Light is an important aspect of every plant’s growth, and the fiddle isn’t exempted.

Although we understand the necessity of light for fiddle, a lot of people do not know how much light is perfect for their fiddle leaf fig, read on to find out how much light the fiddle leaf fig needs.

As earlier stated, light is a necessity for every plant’s growth. Every plant makes use of light for photosynthesis, which is the process where plants convert light, oxygen, and water into energy (carbohydrate). This energy is important for every plant to grow and produce flowers/seeds as they should.

Without proper light, all the other functions of a plant will certainly be hindered and the plant will die.

The fiddle leaf fig is not left out in this process, as it is for other plants, so it is for the fiddle leaf fig. In knowing how much the fiddle leaf fig needs light, we need to first understand that the fiddle leaf fig is a plant that is native to the tropical region in Africa, and the plant’s care routine has to model that of his natural habitat.

What Then Is The Ideal Light Need Form The Fiddle Leaf Fig?

The fiddle leaf fig thrives best in bright, filtered light. Providing bright, indirect light for your fiddle leaf fig will enable it to grow, fast and healthily.

This means your plant will be able to photosynthesize and perform every other activity it needs to grow properly.

Things To Consider When Providing Lighting For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Lighting for your fiddle leaf fig plant is essential; here are some things to consider now.

The Direction Of The Sun

Understanding the direction of the sun will help you properly place your plant in the best place. To accurately get the direction of the sun in your home, you first need to know the direction your house is facing. You can make use of a compass or a compass app on your phone. i.e., if you live in the northern parts, windows facing south will receive more sunlight.

While if you live in the southern part, you can be sure that your north-facing window will get more light, especially during the summer and spring. It will be dangerous to place your plant by the west-facing window, as it will receive harsh sun rays from there, especially in the afternoon and this will burn your plant’s leaves.

Tall Indoor plant: Fiddle Fig Tree
Source: Pinterest

Ensure to keep your plant protected, by placing it a few feet away from the window or placing a curtain between the sun and your fiddle leaf fig.

The Kind Of Light

The ideal type of light for your fiddle leaf fig is bright, indirect light, or medium light. Although the fiddle leaf fig is native to Africa, in its natural habitat, it is usually protected from the hot afternoon sun by the large leaves of the big trees.

The plant will get sunburn and look unhealthy if it is exposed to bright, indirect light.

How To Identify That Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs More Light

The following are ways to identify when your plant lacks lighting and requires it.

  1. It Becomes Leggy: One sure way to identify plants that has lighting deficiency is that the distances between the leaves are usually wide apart. It is common for fiddle leaf figs to grow leaves close to one another, hence you can know your plant isn’t getting adequate care by how leggy it becomes.
  2. Spots On The Leaves: Spots on leaves are usually caused by a lot of things, however when the spots are dull and grayish, then it is an indication that your fiddle leaf fig isn’t getting adequate light.
  3. Bending Towards The Direction Of The Sun: Your fiddle leaf fig will lean towards the direction of the sun once it is lacking one. Ensure your place your fiddle leaf fig in a bright spot.
  4. Slow Growth: The fiddle leaf fig will grow rapidly if provided the right care, however when it is not provided for adequately, its growth will be hindered and grow slowly.
Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care
Image: @heygodfrey via Twenty20

Final Thoughts

Your fiddle leaf fig will be glad when it is placed in medium light. If you will be placing your plant by the window, ensure to protect it with a curtain.

If you notice your fiddle leaf fig is suffering from light, move it to a sunny spot, where it can receive about 6 hours of sunlight. Lighting and watering go hand in hand, ensure to water your plant thoroughly as you provide lighting for it. This will prevent it from developing signs of under-watering.

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