Can Fairy Lights Burn Curtains?

Are fairy lights safe on fabric? Using fairy lights close to your curtains will always be safe as long as the necessary procedures are maintained.

As the question relates, do you simply want to know if fairy lights can actually burn fabrics like curtains when close? The rest of this article will shed more light on the objection as you follow.

Fairy lights are safe on fabric because they operate at a relatively low temperature. They are typically made of battery-operated LED lights that don’t even feel warm to the touch. Since more fires are caused by bulbs overheating, there is little to no risk of fairy lights touching the fabric.

Here’s a simple article to guide you on the basic safety procedures to ensure fairy lights are safe on fabric

Can Fairy Lights Burn Curtains?

Fairy lights have quickly become one of the easiest ways to decorate a room. Even though these lights seem harmless. It’s normal to have concerns about the electrical device close to fabrics like curtains or beddings.

Although fairy lights are safe to use on and around fabric, it’s understandable why this may confuse. Lighting equipment is a leading cause of home fires, coming third to only cooking equipment and heating sources.

Luckily for fairy light fans, these decorative lights are extremely unlikely to add to these numbers. As I previously mentioned, most fires caused by lighting equipment start because the light bulbs overheat and are near flammable objects.

It is nearly impossible for this to happen with fairy lights for many reasons, even if they’re placed near a flammable fabric.

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The Basic Factors That Make Fairy Lights a Safe Option For Your Home

Want to use those fairy lights in your home? Pay close attention.

1. The Use of Led Bulbs

fairy lights’ safety is due to the use of LED light bulbs. LED lights work completely different from traditional light bulbs because the traditional light bulbs work a lot like a glowing ember in a flame while LED lights operate via sophisticated particle physics.

The advantage that LED lights have over other halogen bulbs is that they are safer, cheaper, smaller, longer lasting, lighter, and even more energy efficient.

Even though fairy lights are a safe option to use around fabrics, it’s important to take some necessary safety measures to guarantee everything runs smoothly. These safety tips include;

2. Select High-Quality Lights

Battery-operated fairy lights are likely the best option for decorating with fabric. This ensures that even if something were to go wrong with your home wiring, your fairy lights would be unaffected.

3. Ensure proper usage

While larger fairy lights that are not battery-powered are still incredibly safe, you should always keep in mind a few basic safety tips any time you plug something into a wall socket. In order to ensure proper usage;

  1. Make sure you’re not overloading the socket you’re plugging the lights into. A good rule of thumb is not to have more than one strip of light per outlet.
  2. Make sure the outlet is not covered by anything, especially flammable materials.
  3. Ensure that cords do not run through doorways or under the carpet. If you need to get the cord out of the way, use electrical tape to secure them to the wall.
  4. If you need to replace a bulb, make sure to use the right number of watts for the replacement. Most replacement bulbs will have this number located on the box.

Regardless of what fairy lights you choose, you should avoid keeping them on all the time. This will extend the life of your lights, save your money, and offer peace of mind.

Fairy lights are great lighting and decorating option for all around the home. Due to LED bulbs’ unique design, these lights operate at a low temperature to prevent any serious fire risk, even if they’re in contact with the fabric. While traditional light bulbs have the potential to burst, fairy light will never get hot enough to do so.

Take time to select fairy lights from a reputable retailer and adhere to basic electrical safety when mounting lights and plugging them into the wall. With just a little work, these lights can create both a safe and welcoming space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave fairy lights on overnight? 

Yes, It is safe to leave battery fairy lights on overnight, just ensure to tow a few precautions when doing so.  Ensure the lights are in a safe place where they cannot be knocked over or come in contact with anything flammable. 

Do LED fairy lights get hot? 

Yes, they do. LED fairy light will generally get warm or hot to touch, however, it largely depends on the installation, type of LED, and their surroundings. 

Do fairy lights use a lot of electricity? 

Experts note that a few strings of LED fairy lights added to your home will not add much energy to your electricity bill. Thus, they do not consume a lot of electricity. 


With all the aforementioned, I hope this article about “Can Fairy light burn Curtains?” has helped in clearing up any form of confusion surrounding it. You now know everything you need to know about fairy lights.

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