25 Pictures Of Simple Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas (2022)

Designing an outdoor kitchen is one of those things many people try to avoid, but all you have to do is find a theme that suits your personality and taste. Designing your outdoor kitchen can be quite enjoyable with the right inspiration. It is a way you can keep your outdoor kitchen lively and fancy to visitors.

There are many design ideas for an outdoor kitchen, from shabby to rustic, and making a choice can be overwhelming With the right outdoor design, you can conveniently prepare and enjoy your meal under the warm sun or stars.

Cooking outdoor should be fun and it can be a wonderful alternative to cooking indoors which is not also as refreshing as cooking out in the open. Many people would like to incorporate the indoor kitchen design and model it after their outdoor kitchen design to make them comfortable and maintain aesthetics. Fortunately, there are basic ways this can be done.

A custom outdoor kitchen needs to include some essential cooking tools such as pizza ovens, storage, fireplaces, wet bars grills, under-counter refrigerators, and side burners. If you have the space in your backyard and looking for inspiration to get it designed, then you need to check the simple outdoor kitchen designs and ideas for 2022 listed below.

25 Pictures Of Simple Outdoor Kitchen Designs & Ideas

There are lots of ways outdoor kitchens can be designed, and knowing which to go for is quite confusing. Your outdoor kitchen needs to be just as functional as your indoor kitchen, and you don’t need much space to make it beautiful. Outdoor kitchens are best when they are simple and convenient.

So, here are some of the best outdoor kitchen designs and ideas we’ve found to inspire you.

1. Large Space Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design

Large Space Custom Oudoor Kitchen Design
Source: Custom Design

In terms of a large space for you to have all kinds of kitchen equipment, here is a kitchen design that will do perfectly. You can have fun with this type of space and even include a grill. However, be sure you are going to only have kitchen equipment that will be used and is made outdoors. The rustic design and dining set also made it comfortable for a lazy evening day outdoor.

2. Metal Outdoor Kitchen

25 Pictures Of Simple Outdoor Kitchen Designs & Ideas For 2021
Image: metaloutdoor // Instagram

A simple metal outdoor kitchen design can be really fun and add some artistic design to the feel of things. In terms of quality and modernity, this kitchen design might be a great idea. This can be quite interesting too since it’s different from the regular kitchen design.

3. Built In Grill Kitchen Design

Large Space Custom Oudoor Kitchen Design
Source: Chris Loves Julia Kitchens

If you love your grills, there is no reason not to include them in your outdoor kitchen design. This design is not just impressive but allows you to have a kitchen to grill in and make other meals while at it.

4. Light And Pizza Oven

Light kitchen Design
Image: @ourchanceryhome // Instagram

This is another outdoor kitchen design that can help you fit your grill and pizza oven into it. This design is quite simple and the lighting should be a priority too. This allows you to have some cool light and organize night dinners and parties knowing how great your kitchen is.

5. Exotic Outdoor Kitchen Design

Exotic Outdoor Kitchen Design
Source: Essentialdesign

Outdoor kitchen design doesn’t have to be dramatic to be great. You just need some natural design such as the plants to make it look simple but exotic.

6. Rustic And Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Rustic And Modern Out
Source: Belgard Pavera

A rustic modern design is another outdoor kitchen design that can’t go wrong. This is really great for a traditional backyard setting.

7. Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design
Image: @moderndesign // Instagram

For a more simple modern design, the above is a perfect picture of the outdoor kitchen you want. This can also be called a minimal design since it keeps it simple. You can also have a cool contrast stool added for some classy outdoor kitchen effects.

8. Small Elegant Kitchen Design

Small Elegant Kitchen Design
Source: California

This is a more cosy and calm outdoor kitchen design you are sure to love for a small space. This design is great for you to relax and warm up. If you like to have people over for more than just the regular barbecue, then try a kitchen setting.

9. Minimal Kitchen Design

Minimal Kitchen Design
Source: AJ Development

A less dramatic design for your outdoor kitchen works just fine and it enables you to spend less money trying to design.

10. Edgy And Industrial Outdoor Kitchen Design

Edgy And Industrial Kitchen Design
Source: Cole Kitchen Design

Here is another kitchen design you can work with if you want something convenient and simple at the same time. This design is also very stylish and can go with any outdoor home design.

11. Sourthwesthern Kitchen Design

Southwestern Kitchen Design
Source: Kitchen trends

The outdoor kitchen gives you a chance to create a comfortable place where you can cook and also have some friends sit and talk. This is also very cool and simple with the flowers to add some personal taste to it.

12. Stone Grill Outdoor Kitchen Design

Stone Grill Outdoor Kitch
Image: @Stonegrillkitchen // Instagram

This is another outdoor kitchen design that lets you find your style by leaving you with enough style to add kitchen tools as you deem fit.

12. Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design
Source: Country Living Magazine

You must have fun no matter the design you go for and that is what this kitchen design idea is all about. This setting allows you to have all your indoor kitchen essentials outside to aid in cooking.

13. Simple Summer Kitchen Design

Simple Summer Kitchen Design
Source: go foodservice

This is one charming summer outdoor kitchen that can help you make good use of a small space. The blend of hardwoods with marble makes it look fancy but not too dramatic.

14. Small And Simple Kitchen Outdoor Design

Small And Simple Kitchen Design
Source: Home Interior Design

This is one outdoor kitchen that keeps everything extremely simple. There is an open kitchen cabinet that enables you to bring out everything you need to cook at once. There is also a sink which is of great benefit for rinsing fruits and veggies.

15. White Compact Kitchen Design

White Compact Kitchen Design
Image: @simplekitchen // Instagram

White tends to have a unique way of standing out when used for outdoor kitchen design. It helps keep things minimal and you have any other colors of tools added to it without clashing the whole design.

16. Custom Outdoor Summer Kitchen

Custom Outdoor Summer Kitchen
Source: engineeringbasic.com

Here is another very classic outdoor kitchen design you can’t help but love. You get to dine and topped with the stylish cooker design, you can cook and have fun while at it.

17. Outdoor Pool Kitchen Design

Outdoor Pool Kitchen Design
Source: Pool Patio

A kitchen design near your pool could be just what you need. This is designed with the L-shaped kitchen design and combined with the wood cabinet door design, you are sure to never find your outdoor kitchen boring.

18. Wood And Stone Kitchen Design

Wood And Stone Kitchen De
Source: One Kindesign

One of the interesting things about outdoor kitchens is that they can be small but still look great. This is a perfect warm kitchen with a dining setting for you and your family.

19. Traditional Style Outdoor Kitchen

Traditional Styles Outdoor Kitchen
Source: RandM Kitchen

To create a warmer kitchen where you can cook meals any time of the time, you need something with a traditional feel in it. This is ideal for any kind of home setting.

20. Minimalist Backyard Kitchen

Minimalis Kitchen
Source: Minimalist Design

You can create it yourself with this kitchen design and still have your grill and pizza oven incorporated into it.

21. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design
Source: homebnc

With a design like this to work with, you would find cooking more interesting.

22. Well Organized Outdoor Kitchen Design

Well Organized Outdoor Kitchen Design
Source: Outdoor Kitchen

Your kitchen space doesn’t have to be elaborate but if it’s big then the more dun you can have with it and if it’s small you can still make it cozy as well. This kitchen design stays cozy and large enough for some interesting design.

23. Mexican Tile Outdoor Kitchen Design

Mexican Tile Outdoor Kitchen Design
Source: Opnodes

This kitchen design has been done using Mexican tiles and it’s beautiful the design is sure to blend nicely with any backyard.

24. Fresh And Classic Kitchen Design

Fresh And Classic Kitchen Design
Source: Decoist

While you can’t predict how a design will turn out until you try it, this one kitchen design that has its outlook already decided. You just need the right wood cabinet to make it work.

25. Fancy Outdoor Kitchen Design

Fancy Outdoor Kitchen Design
Source: Pinterest

This is a kitchen design that is easy to work with. You get your patio grill and can easily throw in other kitchen equipment like a pizza oven as well. A sink has also been added to make sure your fruits are washed properly and not to forget the simple yet fancy finish to it.

In Conclusion

To create your ideal outdoor kitchen, you need to make sure it is not just convenient for cooking but also very comfortable to sit in and refresh. There is also basic equipment such as a grill that needs to include in your outdoor kitchen design, however, this is not important if you are not going to be grilling.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t get stuck with a kitchen design you don’t like which is why we have listed some of the best kitchen designs in 2022 for you. So, you can go ahead and choose a kitchen design that is right for your taste.

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