Putting Kitchen Sink Under Window: Good Idea or Not?

When you walk into any kitchen with dishes, a dirty hand, or a stain to wash off, you unconsciously head towards the window because that’s where kitchen sinks are usually placed and our minds have been conditioned to believe that is the best place to install kitchen sinks, is that really true? 

Yes, the best place to set up your kitchen sink is under the window because it ensures your drainage system is functional, you spend less on installation and repairs, your kitchen space is maximized during setup, there is proper ventilation in the kitchen and you have access to natural light during the daytime.

A well-set-up kitchen makes cooking and other chores done in the kitchen a lot easier even for persons who do not enjoy chores.

A proper setup also means that you will hardly encounter problems that would be difficult to fix, simply putting a kitchen sink under the window reduces your plumbing cost so much. 

Let’s get you accustomed to why kitchen sinks are best located under a sink in case you’ve ever wondered why they aren’t placed elsewhere. 

Putting Kitchen Sink Under Window Benefits

The plain truth is that putting kitchen sinks under the window is a smart and functional idea, it’s not just a trend that people made common by recreating it in their homes, there are reasons why putting a kitchen sink under your window is an ideal way to set up your kitchen, let’s tell you exactly why below; 

1. It makes the plumbing much easier to navigate

Placing your kitchen sink next to the window makes the plumbing more accessible and also makes it easier to operate the dishwasher. In plumbing, when a drainage system is close to an outside wall it is much easier to drain dirt.

Putting Kitchen Sink Under Window Benefits
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A short waste pipe is also a much more effective and cheaper option, with the reduced proximity of the sink to the outside wall, the drainage pipe is shorter and dirt flows out easily and much faster with this setup. 

2. It allows for better air filtration in the kitchen

Proper ventilation is very important in a kitchen, raw foods and trash are common in the kitchen during cooking or a thorough kitchen clean-up, and to avoid any unpleasant smells lingering or going into the rest of the house it is important that there is proper filtration.

Your kitchen sink comes in contact with different foods and might end up causing a stink while you’re washing dishes, but with your sink being located underneath the window it is easy for the air to go out and fresh air to fill the kitchen, especially right after you’re done doing the dishes.

3. It provides natural light as you clear the dishes during the daytime

Washing dishes is definitely not an exciting chore, especially when you’re doing it alone. When your sink is placed just below the kitchen window, you can get a dose of natural light and not need to put on the light switch to see properly.

If your backyard has a lovely view, you can also enjoy looking out the window and bask in the view while you wash the dishes instead of sulking all through the chore. 

4. It allows you to have space for other fittings in the kitchen

A kitchen window already takes up a certain amount of space and leaves only the space underneath, instead of letting that go to waste, it is best to place your sink there since a cabinet or countertop might not fit right there.

This lets you maximize the rest of the space you have left for other kitchen furniture fittings rather than a sink which would perfectly fit and be much more effective when placed under the window. 

Putting Kitchen Sink Under Window Benefits

5. It makes repairs less pricey and easier to figure out

When people attempt to place their kitchen sinks in the center of their kitchen instead of under the windows, as usual, they are taking a huge and costly risk. The original plumbing is extremely pricey, you would need them to lay extra pipes underneath the kitchen floor and then your floors would need to be redone as well.

When there’s a problem or blockage in your sink, there might need to be a breaking of your floors to reach the pipes, this is a very expensive and chaotic process as well because you cannot work or walk freely in your kitchen until it’s completed. 


Many persons might not have paid attention to the recurring location of kitchen sinks in all the homes they’ve been to, but when you want to rearrange your kitchen space or you get a new apartment and you want to switch things up in your kitchen, you would naturally wonder if you could place your kitchen sink in another corner of the kitchen and not have any complications. 

Of course, you can, but you might run into certain complications that could cost a lot of money to fix, if you do not have the means to cover that, the best and cheapest option is placing your sink under your window. 

Placing the kitchen sink under a window is always a good choice, it saves you extra cost, allows for air filtration, makes plumbing installation and repairs easier, creates space for other kitchen furniture, and lets you enjoy natural light in your kitchen as you do the dishes. 

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