Does Lysol Kill Pinworm Eggs? What You Need To Know

Does Lysol kill pinworms? Lysol might be a great disinfectant, but there are still doubts that this can be used to kill pinworms. A strict cleaning is needed to get rid of pinworm parasites and eggs completely and while Lysol is a 100% disinfectant for killing germs and bacteria, it is not effective in killing pinworm eggs.

Pinworms are tiny narrow worms that are often caused by a lack of healthy personal hygiene.

Pinworm infection can be spread really quickly and this is often caused by leaving the eggs lying around which can stay in bedding, toys, and surfaces for 2 weeks or more.

A persistent cleaning routine is vital if you want to kill pinworm eggs on surfaces.

Although the parasite can be treated with over-the-counter drugs and some natural remedies, the pinworm egg can be even harder to get rid of. Some cleaners are strong enough to get rid of pinworm eggs but have to be used regularly too.

There has been no science to back up the use of Lysol on pinworm eggs. But here is an in-depth into how to kill pinworm eggs and if Lysol is a disinfectant worth having at home.

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What Is Lysol Spray Used For?

Lysol is a common household disinfectant used in killing air and surface bacteria.

This disinfectant can kill 99% of the germs and bacteria it comes in contact with every day. It can also be used to control and prevent the spread of viruses as well.

Lysol has many other products such as wipes and sanitizer and the main Lysol disinfectant itself is meant for cleaning surfaces.

Does Lysol Kill Pinworm Eggs?

Lysol is a disinfectant spray worth having at home for getting rid of germs and keeping your environment clean. While Lysol is not 100% effective against pinworm eggs, there are claims that constant use on surfaces can help control them. There are really no specific ways you are supposed to kill pinworm eggs.

There is actually no science to prove that Lysol or any other disinfectant can kill pinworm eggs or parasites but if you do have Lysol at home then it’s worth trying. Pinworm eggs are pretty hard to get rid of but they can be killed with heat and hot water, but this doesn’t stop keeping your environment clean either.

Lysol might not be able to kill pinworm eggs but it can come in handy in getting rid of harmful bacteria.

Does Vinegar Kill Pinworm Eggs?
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Vacuuming daily is another way effective way you can prevent the spread of pinworms. Be persistent with cleaning and maintain strict hygiene as well to get rid of pinworm eggs faster.

Do pinworms ever go away?

Yes, pinworms eventually go away however before that can happen, you need to take some measures such as cleaning regularly and washing, sheets, clothes, and towels regularly to eliminate the pinworm eggs.

There are lots of over-the-counter drugs and home remedies that can treat pinworms fast too.

Final Thoughts

Pinworm eggs are quite easy to spread around the home, they can be transferred from fingers to bedding and clothes and then inhaled in the air or food.

Hence, why getting rid of the pinworm eggs is just as essential as getting rid of the parasite. Although Lysol won’t 100% kill pinworm eggs, it can be used to keep used to prevent germs and the spread of the infection.

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