spring is sprung

Since this is the first Spring in our house, it has been exciting to see what perennials have been lurking underground all season. I know next to nothing about gardening or lawn care, but I’ve heard that the best thing you can do for your plants is talk to them. And if this will indeed give me a green thumb, then I am game…

Hi, Hyacinth. I was told that you had a sweet scent and when I checked to see if this was true, you did not disappoint. In fact, I think I’m going to bury some of your bulbs under the floor mats of my car and see if your wonderful fragrance can counteract that musty smell created by too many spilled coffees and stray bits of trail mix that have fallen between the seats. No pressure, just see what you can do.

I am not sure whether you are a daffodil or a narcissus, as I am getting conflicting information from google images and from my mother over the phone. Either way, I am sorry that the previous owners only planted one of your kind. Or maybe the rest of your pretty posse got too depressed by all the snow this winter to come out play? Whichever the case, I am sure it hasn’t been easy for you, and I’d be lonely in that situation too, but can you stand up a little straighter? You’re really just too attractive to be hunching like that.

Forsythia, you are so fickle. One minute you are neon yellow and the next you are transitioning to green. Not that I dislike either version, but it is clearly going to be difficult to trust you. If you are going to transform again, can you at least produce something edible the next time around, perhaps something in the berry family that can be used in parfaits?

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