congratulations to our shower curtain

kaiku shower curtain

I am pleased to announce that our Kaiku shower curtain from Marimekko has a part on the hit show, Modern Family. As some of you may know, I am not a big TV watcher, or more accurately, I didn’t used to be. I went without television, cold turkey, for about 10 years. Now, I watch it but try to practice moderation. I limit myself to only 12 hours of HGTV and 12 hours of Food Network per day (which is playing on mute right now). On Wednesday nights, I mix it up with 30 minutes of Modern Family. Early in Season One, my in-laws discovered the show and suggested that we would like it. They were right.

My favorite characters are, hands down, Mitchell and Cameron, so it didn’t come as that big of a surprise when I noticed that we share the same design sensibility. They (and their set designer) must also love this Kaiku pattern: a cluster of birch trees scattered with vibrant leaves. It certainly modernizes and brings a little nature into our 1965 bathroom. (Our bathtub is powder blue and so are some of the floor and shower tiles. At least we had the good sense/cents to replace the blue toilet with a white one and get rid of the blue bidet all together.) We put Kaiku on our Alternative Gift Registry for our wedding and our friend Sonja was kind enough to purchase it from the Marimekko store on New York’s Upper East Side.

When I first spotted our shower curtain on the small screen, I must admit that I was a bit miffed. Why hadn’t our Kaiku shared this excellent news with us? And then, (as if in answer to that question): was she still going to be able to juggle her duties on the east coast (i.e. stylishly hiding me from the world while I showered) with her fancy new Hollywood gig?

shower curtain modern family(photo courtesy of Reckless Bliss)

I am happy to say that it has all worked out just fine. After all, I never take a shower on Wednesday nights at 9 because, well, I’m watching the show.  And somehow she manages to get right back to her post, er… pole before I need her services on Thursday mornings.

This is far more than I can say for our Crate and Barrel Boka table lamp, which is also starring on the show with Mitchell and Cameron.

Lamp on Modern Family(photo courtesy of Reckless Bliss)

This is how our “book nook”/library looked before he got the part:

crate and barrel boka lamp

And this is, unfortunately, how it looks now. I guess he never said he’d remember us when he was famous…

library no lamp

2 replies

  1. Shoulda seen exodus of tablelamp coming. In “before” photo in your house, lamp appears green with envy, undoubtably jonesin’ for a TV career. In shot from the show, it appears as a smug, satisfied, neutral green. Suggest you inventory remaining furniture for traitorous intent.

    • Your color analysis is impressive. Our purple love seat does seem to have a bit of a bruised ego – perhaps we should butter (yellow) it up a bit?

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