mushrooms around town

mushrooms on stump

In case I haven’t already convinced you that the Nyack area is a hotbed of mushroom activity (shroomtivity?) (sorry), I hereby present you with more evidence. For example, this outcropping, above, appears every so often on the ugly stump in our front yard. Of course, they’re not lemons and this isn’t lemonade, but this is definitely what I’d call “making a bad situation far better.” Here is a close-up:

mushrooms on stump closeup

I can’t look out my kitchen window at this scene without thinking of the phrase, It takes a village. I wonder how many ladybugs live here? I’ll have to conduct a door-to-door census.

I spotted these beauties near my parking spot at our local supermarket:

mushrooms outside supermarket

They were huge: the one in the lower right was as big as my hand.  At first, I thought maybe someone discarded their portobello purchase from the store inside (buyers remorse is a phenomenon I can related to) but, nope, these were attached to the ground and standing strong.

This is probably the the greatest window decoration I have ever seen:

mushrooms in window

I spotted it in the window of a physical therapy business right on North Broadway. Who needs fake flowers when you can have fake mushrooms?

And finally:

Golden Mushroom Nyack

We order in from Golden Mushroom all the time. We like the General Tso’s Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli, Crispy Lemon Chicken, but we have not, alas, sampled any of their selections with mushrooms…yet. Soon, we will have to try their “Mushroom Wonderland: Sauteed six kinds of mushrooms with Chef’s sauce on a bed of Shanghai bockchoy.” Bring it.

Please keep me posted on your own mushroom sightings (real and otherwise.) I am convinced that they are everywhere, as long as you open your eyes…

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  1. I thought you liked that stump in the front yard…but, I agree the mushroom colony makes it sooooo much cooler. Seriously, like another planet has landed in our front yard and then it disappears without a trace?????

    • Yes, any previous discussions about stump-removal and those estimates we got are officially null and void now that we have that disappearing-alien-mushroom village.

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