i will not buy this mushroom cookie jar

mushroom cookie jar

I saw this cookie jar in Christopher’s Antiques on South Broadway in Nyack. Though I am smitten and I have gone back to visit it several times, I am determined to not buy it. I have thus far resisted the purchase for the following reasons:

  • Lack-o-counter space in the kitchen: something would have to go. Would it be the microwave? The toaster? Or god-forbid, the coffee maker? No.
  • Since I wouldn’t want to displace any of the above items,  I’d probably start carrying it around with me all the time, i.e. to work, while running errands and while meeting up with friends. I can see myself cradling it like a newborn, or holding it up on my shoulder like a circa 1986 boom box. Nope.
  • Where there is a cookie jar, there are probably cookies and I don’t need any encouragement in this area, as in: “Oh I better buy/bake some more cookies so that adorable cookie jar feels a sense of purpose.” Not good.
  • Growing up, our cookie jar was shaped like a head of lettuce with a bunny perched on top. The deal was that you had to ask the bunny for a cookie. Permission was granted or denied into my mother’s ear. I am concerned that I would be compelled to continue this tradition, and this would result in my talking to and trading secrets with…a mushroom. Not good at all.
  • I want to maintain some semblance of control over my fungi fetish. I have already indulged in several mushroom trinkets (lawn decor, in particular) and at the rate I’m going, I fear that I will have to rent out a storage space or an entire warehouse for them. Again, No. Absolutely not.

But this cookie jar is so cute…And it has mushrooms on it…Maybe I could attach a strap and make it into a messenger bag….or…come on, pull yourself together, girl.

Thank you for your continued support – I hope that with your help I can stick to my guns here. (But, I mean, I don’t know, do you think I should go get it?)

10 replies

  1. Does it have to go in the kitchen? Cookie Jars aren’t just for cookies anymore. I have a tall jar (it COULD be a cookie jar) and I keep my dog treats in it in the living room. I used to have a tractor cookie jar (I have two boys) and it kept bubble gum. Think outside the box, er.. jar.

    • “Where did I put my lipstick? Oh, here it is, in my mushroom cookie jar…” (what’s with me and the rhyming today?)

  2. Who needs reusable grocery bags when you can carry a cookie jar around?!

    I’ll have to show you my collection of ceramic dishes in the shape of vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately I’m not kidding….and I agree that this is very tempting. I wish you hadn’t told me where it was….

  3. Ha! Yes, Christopher’s should be marketing that jar as The New Reusable.

    Your ceramic collection sounds divine!

  4. Maybe you could get your hands on that old bunny cookie jar and have it be the middle man between you and the mushroom?

    • I like this plan – I am going to telephone my mother right now. I think I’ll eat a cookie first, though….

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