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shipping wars gnome billboard

Here is what Rob said when he spotted this billboard in the city last weekend. (He saw it first.)

“Uh oh.”

He knew that he’d have to pull over (he did) and that I’d want to take several photos (I did) and that there would be quite a bit of gushing on my part (there was.)

We were driving on Houston Street after visiting some galleries on the Lower East Side. This was near Lafayette, right by the Puck Building. Gotta say, I haven’t see this Shipping Wars show yet and I’m not really intrigued by it, but this billboard made my day.

I showed the photo to our gnome, though, and he didn’t seem all that pleased. He’s usually very affable, so I assume that he either knows this guy and there is some bad blood there, or he doesn’t like how this member of his tribe is being exploited, or he’s just plain jealous. Maybe, like most of us, he’s just got the winter blues. Hanging inside, in the guestroom, instead of the garden probably isn’t exactly his idea of a good time.

What’s your gnome up to these days?

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  1. Backstory: That is the Three-Mile-Island Gnome. His parents (same stature as your co-habitating gentleman) were expecting during the “incident” there. Scientists believe local irradiated mushrooms augmented GGH (gnome growth hormone) release in the offspring. Should you see a gnome this size in your yard, assume somethin’s goin’ on at Indian Point.

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