seeing red

red cocotte with lilacs

If I turn my face toward the sun and close my eyes, I see red. When I go back to my native Wisconsin, I see lots of barns that are red. If I get a paper cut while sorting the mail, the liquid that oozes out of my finger is, of course…red.

But when I look around our home, I don’t see much of this color.  “We don’t have any red in our house,” I remarked to Rob one day recently, while dreaming about Valentines Day. I was sitting on our white couch, and looking over at him on the white chair. Our white dining table sat quietly, over to my left, trying to not be offended.

Then I looked a little closer and realized that I was, in fact, wrong. (It happens, every once in a while.) So I stand corrected, I’m a bit embarrassed, and yes, my face is blushing a shade that is well on its way to being red.

First, I busted out a pair cute heart-shaped cocottes (see above, pictured on our overly-sensitive dining table with some rapidly wilting lilacs.) These “Cocottes Coeur” are made by the French cookware company, Staub, and were given to us for our wedding by my friend Christina. Right now, they are holding some ginger candy, but one day I’ll get enough time to actually whip up some culinary greatness in them.

Then, I looked over to our plant corner a.k.a. The Jungle, and noticed the locust flower candle holder given to us by my friend Rachelle:

locust candle holder

My sister- and brother-in-law Marcy and Corey gave us this chalkboard candle at Christmas. (Of course, until a few days ago, we had a mushroom drawn on it):

chalkboard candle

How could I have forgotten this mini Saarinen-style tulip chair we got last fall at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art?

mini saarinen tulip chair

And this little indoor, “house-chore” gnome we adopted from that same gift shop, with his wonderfully shiny hat:

indoor gnome

Truth be told, we haven’t seen him do any chores around the house, yet. He prefers to perch stylishly in the chair, which is okay too:

gnome and chair

This was another grave oversight on my part – the floating shelf in my office, which pretty much features the color in question:

floating shelf office

Like this Olivetti postcard I picked up at a shop in Lake Placid, NY years ago:

Olivetti Postcard

And this poster from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, signed by my figure skating idols Gordeeva and Grinkov. They were beautiful figure skaters with a heartbreaking story. (Thank you to Olympians Natalie and Wayne Seybold for bringing this back for my brother and I):

Gordeeva and Grinkov poster

It was fun to put out this sweet new tea towel my mother in law Sandy got for us when we recently visited them in Columbus, Ohio. The back of the towel says “home tweet home” hee hee:

bird tea towel

And I’ll end this post with an adorable photo that I cannot resist sharing of my niece, Bria, almost 2, all gussied up at Christmas:

Bria in red

So, as you see, there is actually no shortage of cute red things around here. Hope, you are having a fun Valentine’s Day too!

8 replies

  1. Some states are red
    Some states are blue
    Obama or Romney
    Please get a clue
    Affordable health care
    We’re counting on you

  2. Hey HT

    Thanks for the like on my wee blog. For the record, very little red in our place down under, more orange! AND Yeat – come and live in Oz where health care, while not cheap, is still do-able.

  3. How bloody cute is Bria? 🙂 Thanks for sharing. We went to a pre-Valentine kiddy party today full of banana brownies and heart shaped goodies. Gotta love, love day. Enjoy…

  4. Love the blog Joc! I always read it and really enjoy it.
    We plan on having some Red pasta sauce over pasta with a nice glass of Red wine for Valentines dinner.
    happy V Day to you and Rob!

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