candy corn salad and the chipless wonder

candy corn(image source here)

Due to Superstorm Sandy, Halloween was weird this year: no costumes were worn here at the home tome (we weren’t in the mood to don the nifty gnome suits we got last year), and, thanks to downed power lines, live wires, and no electricity in the ‘hood, there were no trick-or-treaters to be seen. Rob, who knows that getting trick-or-treaters on our front stoop once a year is one of the main reasons I wanted to buy a house, very kindly put a flashlight upright in a coffee mug by our otherwise darkened front door as if it were a beacon, trying to indicate that we were here and open for binnis. Alas, this well-meaning gesture did not lure in kiddies by the droves. Not even a one.

Even our Halloween-themed bookgroup meeting got postponed by a few weeks. We read the thriller Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and were going to bring food with a Halloween flair. Even though the spooky holiday had long past by the time we finally met, I decided to stick with my original plan: candy corn salad. I was curious to see if my concoction would indeed look like candy corn (and if it would be edible.)

Fear not: no candy corns in this salad. And it was hardly rocket science. I just defrosted some frozen corn (for the yellow), chopped some carrots very small (orange) and opened up a can of white kidney beans (white). Voila: it did look somewhat candy corn-ish:

candy corn salad

Then, since it seemed this was going in a Mexican direction, I added some jack cheese, cilantro and scallions and whisked up a dressing with olive oil, chili powder, cumin, a bit of ketchup, salt and pepp:

candy corn salad close up

I am happy to say it was indeed edible. Here is the teeny serving I left for Rob before heading out:

candy corn salad serving

To transport it over to my friend Sylvie’s house, I covered it with my newfangled lily pad cover, given to us by my mother-in-law, Sandy, (who wasn’t exactly thrilled about the name of this recent storm…) These are made by Charles Viancin, Paris:

charles viancin lily pad cover

Have you seen these things? They are silicone and create a suction on the top of your bowl. It’s bizarre: you can even lift up the whole thing without the lid coming off – magic!

charles viancin lily pad

Speaking of magic, I must share something that has recently come to my attention. It is simultaneously the best and worst news that could have possibly hit my world (and waistline.) Though this might be old-ish news, I have just discovered that cookie geniuses at Tate’s Bake Shop over in Southampton, NY are making chocolate chip cookies WITHOUT the chocolate chips. The Chipless Wonder.

Tates Bake Shop Chipless Wonder

Not that I have anything against chocolate or chocolate chips, but if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I like the cookie even more than the chips. (Rob claims I’ve never mentioned anything about this, ever, in his hearing, so maybe I’ve just thought it…) It has even crossed my mind to bake these myself but I’m glad that Tate’s beat me to it. If you’ve never had these cookies, keep your eye out for them – they are very light, crisp and buttery.

Chipless Wonder

Anyway, it may seem a little strange to you cookie purists out there but they’re amazing. So. Candy Corn-less Candy Corn Salad, Chipless Chocolate Chip cookies, and Stylish Silicone Suction Cups. I’m feeling thankful for these things as Turkey Day approaches. But that’s not all: also grateful for my great friends and family and all my wonderful blogging buddies, near and far.

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  1. BOO to a trick or treater-less Halloween. That stupid mess of a hurricane did so much unnecessary crap to too many good people. That is a good looking salad. I may just have to try that!

    Chocolate chip less cookies? Imagine the decorating possibilities of using cookie cutters where you don’t have chocolate chips to crunch through.

    • Yes, that salad (other than chopping up the carrots super teeny) is very easy! Hmmm, I like this cookie cutter idea…I have several cookie cutters and never used a one! πŸ™‚

  2. Your salad looks exactly like candy corn! And no, I had not seen those lids, but I am looking at them on Amazon, right now. Helloβ€” no more plastic wrap. I never use plastic bowls that actually have covers, so these are actually something I would really use. AND something I can actually tell my MIL to buy me… which every year I cannot think of one, single thing.

    I read Gone Girl over the summer. It took me forever to get into it, which surprised me since it got such rave reviews… it was one of those books where I kept reading because I could not understand how anyone loved it. Did your book group love it? Or were there any dissenters?

    • Yes, those lids are pretty cool – I think they are lots of different versions out there…

      Gone Girl – it was a mix at our book club! Some loved it, others so-so and one or two didn’t like. I was in the so-so group – it was a page turner and I really did want to find out what the heck was going on…but I couldn’t have loathed two characters more! Really proved to me that you don’t have to like the characters in a book in order to be engaged in the story!

  3. ummm, *i* want a lily pad lid of my very own!!!! those things look awesome! sad to miss out on the gnome costumes, but your salad looks amazing. glad you guys are safe and dry!

    • Yes, try out a lily pad (or sunflower) or whatever style of these things you can find – they are fun (good conversational piece when you take a dish somewhere..) Regarding the gnome costumes…I do believe that everything happens for a reason…I don’t think the world was ready to see us in those πŸ™‚

  4. Well, there may not have been trick or treat, or smell my feet… but you definitely had lots of good to eat! I can’t get the image of a pregnant gnome out of my head…. (laughing)…. OH MY GOSH. How CUTE!

    The salad look so good and easy to make. I LOVE bean salads, pasta salads and veggie mixes served cold or room temperature. It’s something you can eat on for days. I’ll definitely have to try this one. The dressing sounds good too. I will so enjoy telling people I ate a bowl of candy corn salad for dinner. (without any further explanation, of course!)

    That silicone lid blows my mind. There are plenty of pretty but very impractical things in my kitchen… this however would be used daily. Very cool!!

    • Yes, like I said, that salad could not be easier to throw together (aside from chopping the carrots so tiny…but I think I have seen carrots pre-chopped?? Ahh…I’m always looking to “cut” corners…)

      Those silicone covers are pretty fun and it works a lot better than I thought it would. Take it from me, you can really wow your friends when you pick up a big heavy bowl with it (just don’t get too crazy – ie swing it around rodeo style or dance around the room with it – let’s just say I’ve tested its limits!) πŸ™‚

      That gnome costume? Well, it wouldn’t have closed anyway – I have high hopes for a gnome family next year…:)

  5. I am a loyal chip fan so I’m not sold on the wonder, yet. Will eat a bag or three and report back with my final answer πŸ™‚
    Going Sweatpants Shopping

  6. Re: Dearth of Short Goblins, Witches, etc.
    I felt compelled to make a REAL candy corn salad by dicing all the Tootsie Rolls, Starburst and other non-chocolate items. It was an experiment. Note to self: Roquefort is a poor dressing choice with this salad. Maybe Hidden Valley Ranch would be better. . .

    • Don’t get me wrong – I do applaud your efforts, but your dressing choice just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit…please do not ever mention this food combination to me again.

  7. The candy corn salad was a great idea! So clever.

    I’m with you on the chipless chocolate chip cookie. I am the one who picks out the chips or chooses the cookie with the fewest chips. Glad to know we aren’t alone in the world.

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