titles of the last ten posts I haven’t had time to write and probably never will


1. The Joys of Motherhood Mitigated not Insignificantly by the Fears of Motherhood

2. How the Super-loud Clicking, Clanking and Clonking of our Baseboard Heating is Killing Me Not-so-Softly Despite 64,000 Attempts at Quieting It

3. The Spreading Crop of Grey Hair on the Right Side of My Head that Can No Longer Be Denied or Plucked

4. How Keeping up with Other Blogs at this Point is Kind of Like Trying to Walk up an Icy Hill: Fun yet Impossible

5. Squirrels

6. Neglecting Your Child while Looking at Photos of Your Child

7. To Christmas Tree or Not to Christmas Tree? How to Celebrate Safely with a Curious Toddler Underfoot Or: How to Keep Your Curious Toddler Underfoot as opposed to Under…tree

8. The Challenge of Catching that Perfect Holiday Card Photo of your Extremely Wiggly Worm Child

9. Learning that Food is Meant to Go in the Mouth, and not on the Floor, in the Pocket of the Bib, or Hidden Stealthily in the Little Crack Between the Highchair Tray and the Highchair Seat

10. And finally: An Ode to the Swiffer accompanied by An Apology to our Extremely Patient and Good-natured Kitchen Floor

11 replies

  1. But why won’t they be published? They look like they’d make scrumptious blog posts. They’ve definitely piqued my curiosity, imagination and interest. Hum, maybe you could write one? You know, the one about the Christmas tree? I’ve kind of been struggling with the pros and cons these days so right now, we’ve got no decorations.

    • Yes, I would love to write all of these up – maybe I will aim low and try for just one and give myself a deadline of 14 years! πŸ™‚ I just put out our first holiday decoration: a small disco mirror tree that sits on a table, far away from Mr. Curious πŸ™‚

    • Props to you! Yes, artsy. I dream of one day catching up with the rest of civilization and getting a smart(er) phone – I still have a crackberry and am utterly app-less.

  2. Oh Jocelyn… you crack ME UP! All great post titles that I’m envisioning the actual post as I read them. #6… I see you staring lovingly at a picture of your child while in the background he’s got his finger in an electrical outlet. HILARIOUS! (well, not being electrocuted) SIck sense of humor, here.
    And for #4… kids or no kids… I’m finding my hill as icy as ever. It’s a struggle, my friend. I need a blog assistant. HA HA!

  3. yup, blog assistant, that would be awesome, and yet also simultaneously zap the fun from this weird “type” of communication. Get it, “type”? Of course you get it.

    Yes, #6 is also the title of my next book…which I can’t imagine having time to write esp with all these photos to gaze at… It’s kind of like having zillions of vintage shirts…excellent but they also have a distracting/cluttering effect… πŸ™‚

  4. Ha! I love it. Much as I LOVE your extended posts Jocelyn, the titles say enough and kill me sufficiently, as I am at present guilty of a possible No #11 Really Really Really Wanting To Read Other Awesome Blogs But Too Time Poor To Even Spell Cherk My Own
    PS How exciting, baby’s first Christmas! Have you still got the wine bottle with it’s little scarf and hat. Understand of course it not the very same bottle… cheers

    • ha ha! I like #11, spell cherk indeed πŸ™‚ Yes we are all pumped for first xmas and first bday πŸ™‚ Teeny scarf and hat are still in a box in the basement but they will soon be accessorizing one lucky bottle πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking in!

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