there’s a carrot in my shoe and other developments


Announcement: the home tome headquarters have recently gone through a significant reorganization. This includes changes in both staffing and office space.

First, we have a new CEO. He has been a strong candidate for this position for approximately 18 months and we he recently decided he is ready for the promotion.  While he is rather young to be running the whole operation, he has a lot of fresh ideas and a great deal of energy. Mostly, we are impressed by his leadership skills; he is a man of action and isn’t afraid to implement changes, especially when it comes to re-arranging the space.

For example:

From now on, shoes will serve as the appropriate receptacle for carrots, and all other pretend edibles, for that matter. See above.

Refrigerator magnets will be kept in the recycling bin.

Though we did not formerly realize this, it now makes the most sense to keep measuring cups on the bathroom floor.

Note that an infinite number of tiny supplies can be tucked behind the couch cushions.

The official break room for all teddy bears is now located under the dining room table.

It has been decided that all full length mirrors and glass doors are to be covered with tiny handprints and copious amounts of saliva.

And finally, big news: Several new staffers have been hired on and awarded with the coveted office space under the chair:

little people

We’d like to officially welcome them to the team and thank them in advance for all their hard work!


Please feel free to share any new developments at your headquarters. And hope you are having a great summer so far!

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  1. Cute, Joc! You will find your little “man of action” will continue to amaze you with all his creative ideas! He is so cute and so smart, Joc! Loved seeing you all!

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