disclaimers for the best popsicles I’ve ever made

onyx containers ice pop mold neo1. I haven’t made popiscles in a long time. I used to have a plastic mold for them, but I’m trying to steer clear of plastics these days, ever since I went through The Great Plastics Freak Out of 2014. (Stay tuned for this post… I still have some healing to do before I can write it.)

2. This was my trial run with this awesome new stainless steel ice pop mold made by Onyx Containers. I noticed on instagram that one of my favorite local shops, Nettle and Hive, had these so I picked them up last week.

smoothie ice pops

3. I guess these are more like “smoothie pops” but I’m calling them popsicles anyway. I blended strawberries, blueberries, bananas and plain yogurt together, then froze them for a few hours.

popsicle 4. I have never given a 2 year old a popsicle.

5. He hasn’t had very much processed sugar – he is still under the impression that raisins are candy (hey, I know this will change). So just the banana in this made it seem pretty sweet. I have rarely seen him enjoy a food product this much.

6. I had one too. This popsicle was dee-licious. Cheers!

popsicle cheers

7. I did not listen to my husband when he suggested we eat these outside. I figured keeping our son in the high chair was going to contain the melting.

8. This was a tactical error on my part. I can admit this.

9. We have a white couch. I had our son sitting very near to it. You may remember my post, How to Decorate a White Couch. If not, here it is. It’s one of my most popular and favorite posts of all time.

10. I slipped away to take photos of this popsicle before it melted any more.

popsicle melting

11. While I was in the kitchen doing my photo shoot, this happened. This is how our couch now looks despite several rounds of vigorous scrubbing.

white couch stain

12. This also happened. Despite a bib:

T shirt stained

But all is well. Don’t worry about us! We will be eating many more home-made popsicles in the days to come. We’ll be doing so outside. Half-naked. Do you have any popsicle/ ice pop/ smoothie pop / recipes you’d like to share? Please comment below.

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You can also check out my newest installment of the Chronicles of Parenting, my humor column at Nyack News and Views. This one is about the challenges of packing for a trip with a toddler underfoot.

Disclaimers for the Best Popsicles I've Ever Made

6 replies

  1. 1. All popsicles must be consumed outside. In the backyard. Next to the hose. In your bathing suit.

    2. Some of the popsicles must contain traces (or gigantic lightning strikes) of booze that compliment the other ingredients. Because last week sucked.

    3. All liquor-laced popsicles must be surreptitiously labeled so that the appropriate popsicles fall into the right hands. Because toddlers weaving around on the front lawn is trashy.


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