mega monstera leaf

Dear Guinness Book of World Records, I am writing to tell you about our Monstera Leaf a.k.a. Monstera deliciosa. We keep these around the house for decorative purposes – I like how they bring in a tropical vibe. And I appreciate how they have a long life expectancy – they […]

mock moss, etc.

I don’t know what compelled me to buy these “moss” pebbles at the dollar store. It might have had something to do with the fact that they cost…a dollar. And I seem to have some sort of fixation with artificial things lately (i.e. fake flowers, fake comments…) I like moss. […]

gnome news

Here is what Rob said when he spotted this billboard in the city last weekend. (He saw it first.) “Uh oh.” He knew that he’d have to pull over (he did) and that I’d want to take several photos (I did) and that there would be quite a bit of […]

icing on the earthcake

Icing on the earthcake! Icing on the earthcake! Finally, there is icing on the earthcake! Translation: it snowed here in Nyack this weekend. My husband Rob coined this term last winter. After all, doesn’t snow look a lot like icing? (That donut above used to be our fire pit.) This […]

fall foliage blues

It would be nice if I could resist the temptation to quote the Mama’s and Papas right now, but that’s just not a possibility because “all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”  The best word to describe the view from our windows now is Bleak with a […]

leaf removal 101

Well, it’s late fall and here in the Northeast that means everything is a complete mess. Isn’t it a bit disrespectful the way the trees just let their leaves fall to the ground for others to pick up? I, for one, was taught to not drop my clothes all over […]

wisteria takes over pergola

The wisteria vines on our pergola are in full force, to say the least. We suspect that they are on steroids. We predict that they are going to take over the world. The wooden pergola by our front entrance is one of things we loved about this house when we […]

memo to the bumble bees

to: the bumble bees from: Jocelyn and Rob We know that you have taken up residence in a hole right where the walkway meets our front garden. We have seen you entering and exiting and also hovering there. This is not an eviction notice and we are cool with you […]

put a bird in it

We bought this little birdhouse a few months back and hung it in a tree outside our kitchen window. I spotted it, of all places, at the Drugworld on Rt 59 in Nyack. It was the only one like it, and was tucked, randomly, at the end of an aisle […]

The Outside In: in nearby Piermont

I think I owe Bill Walsh and Joe Serra an apology. When I recently visited their store, The Outside In, in Piermont near Nyack, I know I behaved strangely. It’s just that their eclectic greenhouse/gallery/boutique made me so happy. I trotted around the place rather spastically ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I […]

memo to the ants in our mailbox:

to: ants from: jocelyn and rob This is just to let you know that tampering with other people’s mail is a federal offense. It is a crime to walk, dance, or hold raves on mail intended for anyone but yourself. It is furthermore uncool for you to sneak into other […]

spookiest seedpods. ever.

(Images courtesy of the super talented Sara Weiss.) So there we were – taking a lovely Sunday stroll along the picturesque Nyack Beach, showing our Brooklyn friends Josie and Steve that the suburbs aren’t so scary after all. (More accurately, we were proving this to ourselves long after it was […]