wisteria takes over pergola

The wisteria vines on our pergola are in full force, to say the least. We suspect that they are on steroids. We predict that they are going to take over the world. The wooden pergola by our front entrance is one of things we loved about this house when we […]

after the hurricane in nyack

It is a gorgeous, sunny day here in Nyack. Rob and I are feeling very lucky after Hurricane Irene. I did a lot of fretting and hand-wringing and not-sleeping on Saturday night as the wind and rain picked up. Why sleep when you can sit up in bed, tense and […]

put a bird in it

We bought this little birdhouse a few months back and hung it in a tree outside our kitchen window. I spotted it, of all places, at the Drugworld on Rt 59 in Nyack. It was the only one like it, and was tucked, randomly, at the end of an aisle […]

guide to garbage picking

There is no shame in garbage picking. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture are items I plucked straight off the street on garbage day. For example, I recently picked up a great yellow table in Tarrytown, NY. And years ago, […]

memo to the ants in our mailbox:

to: ants from: jocelyn and rob This is just to let you know that tampering with other people’s mail is a federal offense. It is a crime to walk, dance, or hold raves on mail intended for anyone but yourself. It is furthermore uncool for you to sneak into other […]

found: little yellow table

We were recently on our way to Sunday brunch at The Castle. Yes, the Castle – how pretentious does that sound? I’m talking about Castle on the Hudson, a hotel and restaurant located in nearby Tarrytown. Its medieval-style tower can be seen up on the hill while crossing the Tappan […]

Jaded: a botanical thriller

Shannon and Jocelyn meet. Jocelyn admires Shannon’s magnificent and wonderfully-lopsided jade plant. Shannon announces that she is moving away from Nyack, all the way to Colorado. Jocelyn is disappointed, since they only just met. Shannon kindly offers to leave her jade plant behind in Jocelyn’s care. Jocelyn is thrilled, but […]

our library / book nook

It seems pretentious to call this Our Library (and especially obnoxious when pronounced with a British accent whilst wearing an ascot) but some things just can’t be resisted. Actually, Rob and I referred to this part of our living room as The Book Nook until we realized we had to […]